Four Reasons to Create a Strategic Vision for Learning Space Design

Four Reasons to Create a Strategic Vision for Learning Space Design

The style of a understanding atmosphere straight impacts the form of instruction that happens in that space,
as quite a few research have demonstrated. In reality, instructional style and understanding space style go
hand in hand, working collectively to assistance student achievement. Just as it is crucial for K-12 leaders to
create a strategic vision for what instruction really should appear like to make the preferred understanding outcomes,
it is equally vital to produce a unified vision about understanding space style.

Small Sensory Space

Classrooms, widespread regions, media centers, and other understanding spaces really should be made strategically to assistance the educational vision a college program has and its portrait of a graduate. The form of furnishings, technologies, and gear made use of in these spaces plays a essential function in enabling the understanding approaches, activities, and culture that the district is hunting to market.

Imagine a college developing filled with engaging, dynamic understanding environments that encourage and assistance a wide assortment of instructional types and approaches, when also permitting for future evolutions in curriculum and instruction. That is the model that college systems really should strive for. To realize this model, lots of districts are picking to standardize their understanding environments.

Standardizing does not imply adopting the identical appear and layout for every single developing or classroom. Instead, it suggests developing an overarching vision that defines the aesthetic and functionality that every single understanding space really should exhibit—and then building a menu of furnishings choices that can bring this vision to life.

Why would a district want to produce a regular vision for its understanding environments? Here are 4 core causes.


COVID shined a vibrant light on inequities in our schools and society. With the lessons discovered in the course of the pandemic in thoughts, a developing quantity of K-12 leaders are producing policy choices by means of a lens of equity and inclusion.

Creating a single, regular model for understanding space style district-wide guarantees that all students have the identical possibilities to find out in classrooms that are completely equipped to assistance the district’s vision for instruction—regardless of who their teacher is or exactly where they attend college in the district. It also guarantees that every single teacher has the identical chance to teach in a classroom that is made with accomplishment in thoughts.

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school commons area
Commons Area

2. Help Efficient INSTRUCTION

With an established regular for understanding space style, PK-12 leaders can make sure that every single atmosphere exactly where understanding requires spot is furnished and equipped to assistance helpful, study-primarily based instruction. In other words, all the things from the desks, tables, and chairs to the storage, shelving, and technologies has been cautiously selected to facilitate the sorts of activities that students and teachers may engage in to make the optimum understanding outcomes.

If a district’s instructional vision is to foster active and collaborate understanding, for instance, the tables and chairs may be selected with maximum flexibility and mobility in thoughts so they can effortlessly be moved about the space and configured in a variety of group sizes for collaborative group work.


Without formal suggestions for principals, teachers, or curriculum directors to stick to, the classroom style and procurement method can normally be unwieldy. Establishing a district-wide regular tends to make this method a lot easier for everybody involved.

With a formal regular in spot, district-level leaders can produce an on-line “catalog” of furnishings and gear that fits the vision they are hoping to realize. School leaders can opt for from this catalog to equip their understanding spaces in a way that maintains the character of their person facilities, when guaranteeing that their possibilities match inside the price range and instructional style framework (and price range) that the district has established.

makerspace classroom at school
Makerspace Classroom

Having an on-line catalog speeds up the style and procurement method anytime there is a new college building or renovation project inside the district, when controlling the price of furnishings. What’s more, standardization permits for the movement of furnishings amongst buildings to assistance gains or declines in enrollment or programming as necessary.

4. Keep Higher Excellent

Establishing a district-wide regular for understanding space style guarantees that every single facility receives the identical higher high-quality of furnishings and gear. It permits for the leadership at every single college to pick the furnishings that ideal meets their nearby requirements when also sustaining consistency so that essential district requirements are generally met: high-quality, security, longevity, sustainability, worth, and—most importantly—educational knowledge.

A TRUSTED Companion CAN Assist

While college systems can surely produce their personal strategic vision for understanding space style, partnering with a trusted service provider presents the chance for professional insight that district leaders may not have.

Through a new service named School Specialty® Innovate360™, we can assist districts produce a customized vision for understanding space style that meets their exclusive requirements and curate a choice of furnishings and gear that will establish a district-wide regular. To find out more, speak to your School Specialty® Representative.

Dr. Sue Ann Highland

Dr. Sue Ann Highland

Sue Ann Highland, Ph.D., is the National Education Strategist for School Specialty. She has more than 25 years of knowledge as an educator, administrator, and consultant with college systems across the United States.

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