“Laughter Is the Best Medicine” Adding Joy & Emotional Well-being to people’s lives and helping Professionals including Mental Health (Psychologists & Psychiatrists), Storytellers, Mentors & Trainers and Businesses — with our Live Character concept and/or Virtual Character aided sessions
To become the most preferred and trusted joy and emotional well being brand
Parent Company
JinzZy, a technology based entertainment service, is run by its parent company FurOr Technologies Private Limited based in Gurgaon. JinzZy Instant is Operating pan India and JinzZy On-demand is currently operational in 7 cities.
Leadership Team
JinzZy is founded by Apoorv Raghuvanshi, a techie with global exposure of working several years in the United States including diverse backgrounds in Technology, Products and Management. Other board members include Dr. Rohit Garg, a young, well recognised and awarded Psychiatrist working in the space of Mental Health. Other Core team comes from varied Sales and Marketing domain with experiences of working in Dubai and India.
Our Culture
JinzZy workplace is a vibrant environment with a mix of young and lean team of Pioneers, Engineers, Doctors, Marketers and Partner network. We believe in creativity, new ideas, fun and open culture.
JinzZy Instant Services (Virtual)
With JinzZy App ⁠— Online Chat / Audio & Video Interaction with Virtual Characters. Online Session with Storytellers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mentors & Trainers. Virtual Character Aided Sessions
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Book Online Session with Storytellers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mentors & Trainers. Virtual Character Aided Sessions.

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Virtual Interaction

Book JinzZy Virtual show with immersive, jaw dropping, magical experience full of action, dance, act engagement over live interactive video call.

Emotional Well-being

✔️ Now book online Psychologists & Psychiatrists consultation with an option to add JinzZy virtual character to sessions for scientifically proven better mental health recovery


✔️ Now book online storyteller session with a possibility to see a JinzZy virtual character in your session to make it more vivid and engaging

Mentors & Trainers

✔️ Find Mentors, Trainers and Counselors for their online training, counselling and educational sessions with with a possibility to see a JinzZy virtual character in their session to make it more illustrative and live

Virtual Interactions

✔️ Now book online JinzZy Virtual show with your favorite JinzZy character instantly with immersive, jaw dropping show experience over live interactive video call

JinzZy On-Demand Services (Physical)
Book Premium Live Character On-demand for Physical Visits
Life Occasions

✔️ We touch your life moments invite us for your adult or kids birthdays and private parties for a fantasy experience

Clubs & Party Places

✔️ JinzZy is disrupting live entertainment for Clubs segment. We are serving premium and five star properties with this concept to increase your foot fall and crowd engagement factor


✔️ We are partnering up with reputed healthcare facilities as Smile partner for cheer factor and faster patient recovery

Much More!

✔️ If you looking for a unique, high quality experience around Realty, Automobile, Corporate Event, Product campaigns, Trade shows etc, our team will be glad to share you our customized services

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Superheroes & fairies

Adult Sized Realistic Superhero & Fairy Party. Bring Fairtytale, Magic, Superhero flavor to your party. Your Wish Come True!

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Fantasy Party

We host a wide theme of exotic characters from Jungle, Space, Alien, Exotic, War, Halloween and Fantasy characters. Boasting 300+ JinzZy Live Characters!