3 Simple Ways to Start Doing Yoga at Home With Your Kids

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You’ve probably heard all about how excellent children’s yoga can be and now you are prepared to get started practicing at dwelling with your children – but you do not know exactly where to get started.

What do you do 1st? How do you get them engaged? And how the heck do you get them to keep on their mats?

Don’t tension it, Mom and/or Dad! You’ve come to the ideal location!

Fortunately, you do not require to be a children’s yoga teacher to get started displaying them entertaining and simple yoga activities that will have tons of excellent positive aspects for each them and you.

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Here Are 3 Simple Ways to Start Practicing Children’s Yoga at Home With Your Kids:

Use these 3 very simple ideas to get started undertaking yoga at dwelling with your children today.

1. Play a Game

Children understand by means of play, so an amazing way to teach them a thing is to engage them with an fascinating game. In addition to obtaining entertaining, playing physical games with your children will also support them get their power out in a constructive way.

You could play Simon Says (Children’s Yoga Style)! Instead of telling them it is time for yoga, attempt calling your children collectively for a game of Simon Says. You’re Simon, major them by means of distinctive yoga poses like Triangle Pose, Upward Facing Dog, or Warrior II.

They require to come into every pose with you, so lengthy as you say “Simon Says” 1st. As quickly as they do a pose devoid of hearing “Simon Says,” they have a seat on their mat till there is one particular youngster left standing, who then becomes Simon.

You could also play Alphabet Yoga. Whether you have one particular youngster or a entire home complete, this game is positive to preserve them engaged though obtaining out some of that power.

You go 1st, Mom, selecting a yoga pose or animal that begins with the letter A and have your children do it with you. Whoever goes next chooses a pose or animal that begins with the letter B, and so on till you get all the way to Z!

With tiny children, you can support them with their letters or greater but, let their older siblings support them out.

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2. Take a Breath

Breathwork is an significant component of yoga that can support your young children really feel calm when they’re stressed, energized when they are in a slump, and more relaxed when it is time for bed. Try out these breathing activities with your tiny ones the next time you require to see a shift in their power.

Practice Dandelion Breath. If you are fortunate sufficient to be reading this throughout the springtime, then you can head outdoors with your children and practice this with actual dandelion puffs (the dandelions that have gone to seed).

If not, a tiny imagination goes a lengthy way. Have your children hold their dandelion puff close to their face, take a slow, deep breath in, and see how gradually they can blow away the seeds. The slower the greater, so encourage them to take their time.

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You can also do this activity with a pinwheel, obtaining the children attempt to move the pinwheel with their breath as gradually as they possibly can. Slow, complete exhales support to calm the body and the thoughts.

You can also attempt Scarf Breathing. This activity can be carried out with play scarves or even a tissue. Have your children hold the scarf up in front of their face and see how far they can blow it away from themselves.

Turn it into a companion activity by obtaining them blow the scarf to every other, or to you. You could also take items down a notch and turn it into a calming game by obtaining them lie on their backs and blow the scarf gradually up into the air.

3. Focus the Mind

Meditation promotes emotional overall health, assists reduced tension, and brings about a peaceful state of thoughts. And the finest component is that as lengthy as you teach it in a entertaining, lighthearted way, meditation can be practiced at any age, even with the littlest of yogis as a component of children’s yoga!

Try coloring mandalas. Have you ever noticed how focused your young children are when they colour? Perhaps you have attempted, unsuccessfully, to get their focus though they are concentrating on their masterpieces. The purpose for that is meditation!

When your youngster focuses their thoughts on their image, they are meditating! Meditation is focusing on what you want, for the quantity of time that you want to focus on it.

Children are typically quite superior at maintaining their focus on their coloring, which is why they do not hear when you repeatedly get in touch with their name! Coloring mandalas is a excellent meditation activity for every single tiny artist in your loved ones.

A mandala is a pattern inside of a circle and can variety from a very simple image to a complicated pattern, so even the youngest loved ones member can participate. Mandalas can be effortlessly printed on-line or even bought as children’s coloring books.

You could also attempt a guided meditation. Guided meditations are a superb way to focus your thoughts, loosen up your body, and even support you to drift off to sleep.

These recordings exactly where you listen to someone’s voice guide you by means of a relaxing script or story are not just soothing for you, but for your young children, also!

Search by means of your preferred music and podcast apps to see the selections of guided meditations readily available to you. Then snuggle up with your babies and a cozy blanket for a relaxing meditation session.

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Now You’re Ready to Do Children’s Yoga at Home With Your Kids!

Now that you have some tricks up your sleeve, you can effortlessly and confidently commence practicing yoga at dwelling with your tiny ones.

Just bear in mind to preserve it very simple and have some entertaining, and quickly, you will all be reaping the positive aspects of this superb practice!

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