The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 18: Engagement Without Compromising Academic Rigor

The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 18: Engagement Without Compromising Academic Rigor

In the 18th episode of The Schoolyard Podcast, host Nancy Chung (@fancynancyin5th) speaks with the Top Floor Teachers, Joe McCormick and Quyen Nicol, to discuss the balance between engagement and academic rigor in the classroom.

Joe and Quyen, who teach fifth grade in Southern California, share their journey of becoming educators and how they started their Instagram account, @topfloorteachers. Through their social media platforms, they emphasize the importance of hands-on learning and interactive lessons to keep students engaged and absorbing information like sponges.

The group discusses incorporating fun and exciting activities into lessons without sacrificing academic rigor. They share insights on how to make learning enjoyable while ensuring meaningful content delivery. Joe and Quyen highlight the significance of connecting with students’ interests and incorporating them into lessons to foster deeper learning.

Host Nancy Chung interviews the Top Floor Teachers, Joe McCormick and Quyen Nicol, for The Schoolyard Podcast

Connecting with the interests of students is an integral part of maintaining their attention in the digital age and highlights the importance of social emotional learning in the classroom. Joe and Quyen share anecdotes of activities that have gone awry and those that went well, emphasizing the need for balance between entertainment and education.

Listeners get a glimpse into the Top Floor Teachers classroom, where creativity and engagement are key components of their teaching approach. From themed lessons on winter holidays to interactive review games, Joe and Quyen’s innovative teaching methods resonate with students and create a positive learning environment.

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Tag, You’re It!

The episode wraps up with a fun segment called “Tag Your It,” where we choose a question from our listeners to bring to our special guests. This month’s question prompts Joe and Quyen to share the strangest or silliest items they have in their classroom. Listen to this full episode on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube!

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Top Floor Teachers

Quyen Nicol

Quyen Nicol is an enthusiastic educator with a strong dedication to creating inclusive and stimulating learning environments. Quyen excels at tailoring instruction to meet the diverse needs of every learner. Her compassionate approach and patient demeanor enable her to build strong rapport with students and empower them to reach their full potential. Quyen is a co-founder of @topfloorteachers, where she advocates for personalized learning strategies and provides valuable insights to support educators in their professional growth journey. Her mission is to ensure that all students have access to quality education.

Joe McCormick

Joe McCormick is a passionate educator with a knack for innovative teaching methods and a commitment to student success. With over a decade of experience in the education field, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the classroom. His expertise lies engaging students in meaningful ways. Joe is known for his dynamic teaching style, which fosters critical thinking skills and encourages active participation among his students. As a co-founder of @topfloorteachers, Joe is dedicated to sharing best practices and resources with fellow educators to inspire excellence in teaching and learning.

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