Teachers: Here Are 6 Valuable Pieces of Advice for Your Yoga Career (From an E-RYT 500)

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When it comes to your profession in teaching yoga, it is significant to seek guidance from seasoned instructors and sources so you can continue to develop.

So, we’ve teamed up with Leah Sugerman in this short article so she can share her 6 very best suggestions for a effective and fulfilling yoga profession.

In addition to getting an esteemed E-RYT 500 yoga teacher trainer, Leah is also a featured yoga teacher on YA Classes, and yoga editor for YogiApproved.

Nearly a decade into her yoga profession with more than 1,200 hours of coaching and practically 3,000 hours of teaching encounter, Leah has compiled the very best suggestions that she’s received and discovered as a yoga teacher to help you in your personal yoga teaching profession.

Here Are 6 Gems of Advice for Teaching Yoga and Thriving Throughout Your Yoga Career:

When we know a small, we consider we know a lot. Then, the more we find out, the more we comprehend how a lot there nonetheless is to find out. And I really feel like there are handful of disciplines exactly where this applies more than in the vast globe of yoga.

These are just a handful of of the quite a few issues that I have discovered all through my years of teaching and studying this effective practice that I really feel could possibly be useful to you in your personal yoga profession.

1. Never Stop Studying

The moment we quit understanding, we stagnate. There is no finish to understanding in life and the very same rings accurate for yoga.

Yoga is such a vast and broad subject that you could actually study just 1 philosophy or 1 college of yoga for several lifetimes.

So discover, develop, study, practice, study, and find out from spiritual scriptures, modern day-day teachers, self-exploration, your private practice, and more.

Learn from whoever or what ever you decide on, but what ever you do, do not ever quit studying. Never consider you know it all.



2. Study With Expert Teachers

When you do study, study with the very best. Learn anatomy from an individual who knows. Dive deep into philosophy with an individual who knows. Study meditation and pranayama from an individual who knows.

Study with the very best in their distinct fields so you can truly find out the depth of this material rather than the superficial.

This way, when you are teaching yoga, you can confidently teach from a location of know-how and wisdom, rather than merely regurgitating frequent cues and statements that you do not completely comprehend.

3. Maintain Your Own Practice

At the height of my teaching profession, I was instructing six to eight classes per day, six days per week. Beyond just burning out, I had no time for myself whatsoever. Needless to say, my practice fell by the wayside entirely.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. And you can’t teach without the need of encounter. You want to preserve your personal private practice to be capable to share the magic of this practice with other individuals.

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So hold breathing deeply. Maintain your meditation practice. Flow via your asana practice. And live your yoga practice every single minute of every single day.

Don’t sacrifice your private practice for the sake of your yoga profession. It is not useful for you and it is not useful for your profession either. It’s merely a shed-shed predicament. So preserve your personal practice to make it a win-win situation.

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4. Branch Out

Most of us identified yoga via 1 distinct discipline or style of practice. And most of us stuck inside that college lengthy-term.

While there is completely beauty in this, it is equally useful to branch out and discover other types and schools of yoga all through your yoga profession as properly.

If Ashtanga is your go-to practice, then why not give Kundalini a attempt? If you like Vinyasa, attempt out Yin. If Restorative is your favourite, then see if you will also like Hatha just as a lot. If you comply with the Eight-Limbed Path of Patanjali, then perhaps discover the philosophy of Bhakti, Karma, or Jnana Yoga as properly.

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You do not want to give up your favourite practice to attempt a new 1, but you just may perhaps obtain a different practice that you also deeply like.

Each style and college of yoga gives a thing one of a kind, so branch out and discover the quite a few diverse types and philosophies that yoga has to supply. There are actually so quite a few, so do not limit oneself to only 1.

5. Specialize

While it is significant to branch out and discover the quite a few offerings of yoga as a student, it is equally significant to specialize when you are teaching yoga.

Find your one of a kind niche and specialize in it! Do you specialize in teaching anatomically-informed asana? Or do you specialize in teaching soothing Yoga Nidra? Is biomechanics your jam? Or are you all about the spiritual, philosophical side of the practice?

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What you specialize in will definitely attract diverse students. But if you specialize in what you genuinely like, then that will shine via your teachings and attract an endless quantity of students.

Explore for oneself and for inspiration for your teachings, but specialize in what you supply to other individuals in your yoga profession.

6. Be Kind

I used to consider that recognizing the origin and insertion of every single muscle in the human body was crucial to teaching yoga. And I used to consider that I necessary to completely practice every single difficult asana to teach successfully.

I even used to consider that I necessary to be fluent in Sanskrit as properly as the philosophical teachings of the yoga practice in order to be a great yoga teacher.

I have pretty a lot changed my thoughts on all of these subjects. Now, I comprehend that nothing at all matters more than teaching with genuine kindness.

One of my favourite Maya Angelou quotes is, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” I consider this so aptly applies to teaching.

Whether we deserve it or not, we hold a position of energy as teachers, and we have the possible to either make our students up or tear them down.

If we teach with kindness in every single way, then we are genuinely living and breathing our yoga practice. And there is no greater teacher than instance.

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I hope this suggestions is helpful to you on your path as a yoga teacher. I know that this path can at times be confusing, can normally be difficult, and can routinely be beneath-appreciated.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

But I also know that this path is extremely rewarding and that is why we constantly return to our teachings and our research, and specially, our remarkable students.

May we all continue to find out and develop on our paths to turn out to be the very best teachers doable in order to greater serve our students.

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