School Specialty Partners with FedEx and United Way to Install Sensory Pathways in Two Elementary Schools

School Specialty Partners with FedEx and United Way to Install Sensory Pathways in Two Elementary Schools

We just can’t stop helping! Recently, School Specialty teamed up with FedEx and the United Way to install sensory pathways in the hallways at Kenneth Murphy Elementary School and Oak Crest Elementary School. This project continues our dedicated efforts to create inspiring learning spaces in local schools and nurture growth in all students.

Volunteers deciding where to place sensory pathways on a hallway wall
elementary students standing on sensory pathways floor stickers in a school hallway
Elementary students putting sensory pathways to work
volunteers pose for picture after installing sensory pathways stickers in elementary school hallway
Volunteers admire their handiwork. Great job, team!

Sensory pathways are becoming a popular interactive tool for high-traffic areas in schools. They can provide a movement break for students between classes or even a needed brain break during class. The unique patterns and their placement provides stimulation to the brain while promoting peaceful hallway transitions. The necessary muscle movements and spatial awareness help students improve their focus on motions and movement.

Sensory pathways also help with schools wanting to promote inclusive practices. For students with special needs, these sensory tools provide needed vestibular (movement) input to aid in self-regulation.

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Transform Spaces, Shape Futures

As part of our goal of transforming more than classrooms, School Specialty is committed to helping schools maximize their learning spaces. Our learning environment experts are here to help your school get the most out of classrooms, cafeterias, common areas, makerspaces, sensory rooms, and even hallways!

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For more info, contact a representative from our Projects by Design® team and see how our in-house designers and learning environment specialists can help you equip and inspire every student.

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