18 Fun Arts and Crafts for Tweens

18 Fun Arts and Crafts for Tweens

Fun arts and crafts for tweens that include painting, drawing, sculpture and more! Perfect for makers ages 10-12 to make and create!

The tween years are a fantastic time for kids to dabble in lots of different hobbies, honing their interests and building their skills.  If you happen to have an artsy tween in your home, then you know how invested they can be in a project, and how giving them a little bit of freedom lets their creativity flourish!

While tweens still enjoy a good process art activity, they’re often very interested in the finished result, making this the ideal time to introduce a wider variety of arts and crafts.

Luckily we’ve got a little bit of everything in this list, making it absolutely perfect for this unique age group.

Arts and Crafts for Tweens

Drawing Ideas for Kids

1. Drawing Vegetables

Practice observational drawing with this above and below the garden drawing activity.

2. How to Draw Abstract Self Portraits

Learn how to draw an abstract self portrait in 6 simple steps!

frida kahlo portraits

3. Frida Kahlo Portraits

This is a fun Frida inspired drawing prompt for kids. Explore identity with kids & create personalized Frida Kahlo portraits for kids.

Painting Ideas for Kids

1. How to Do Blow Painting with Straws

Blow painting with straws is a simple but fun action art activity. Use a straw to blow liquid paint on paper, creating amazing designs!

2. How to Paint a Watercolor Geode

An excellent watercolor painting activity to pair with learning about geodes and rocks.

3. How to Paint Lace with Kids

Paint lace using liquid watercolors and then turn the colorful lace into a beautiful wall hanging!

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Printmaking Ideas for Kids

styrofoam printmaking _ arts and crafts for tweens

1. How to Do Styrofoam Printmaking

Scratch a design into styrofoam for an easy printmaking activity.

scrape painting for kids

2. How to Do Scrape Painting

Scrape painting is a fun process art activity for kids. This fun technique moves paint with a card to create colorful rainbows.

lego prints

3. Create Easy LEGO Prints

Creating LEGO prints is a fun open-ended art activity for kids of all ages. Use LEGOs and stamp pads to create cities, flowers, mandalas, and letters too!

Collage Ideas for Kids

marbled paper collages

1. How to Make Marble Paper Art Landscape Collages for Kids

Create your own marbled paper and use it for beautiful landscape collages!

mandala art designs on records

2. How to Make Mandala Art Designs on Records

Upcycle a vinyl record and glue on loose parts to make beautiful mandala art designs

3. How to Make Picasso Collages for Kids

Kids explore identity and learn how to create collages with colorful cut paper shapes and glue.

Sculpture Art Ideas for Kids

clay coral reef

1. How to Make a Coral Reef with Clay

Make a coral reef that glows under black light! A great project and conversation starter for discussing how to protect our oceans.

2. How to Make Painted Wood Blocks & Sculptures

An easy sculpture project using wood scraps that’s fun to make for kids of all ages.

3D rainbow cardboard sculptures for kids.jpg — Kids, Activity Craft Holidays, Tips

3. How to Make a 3D Rainbow Cardboard Sculpture for Kids

Get your build on with cardboard, the best art material around!

Textile Art Ideas for Kids

1. How to Make Cardboard Looms

Learn a simple weaving activity for kids with cardboard looms and fabric. Create a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home!

felt succulents crafts for tweens

2. How to Make Felt Succulents

Learn how to create a colorful felt succulent garden for kids with this fun craft tutorial.

3. Tie Dye Ideas: How to Ice Dye

This variation on tie dyeing uses ice and powder dye to make amazing designs.

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More Arts and Crafts for Tweens

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