If You Suffer From Chronic Pain or Injuries, This Yoga Book Is Your Path to Recovery

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Movement is medicine. Anyone who has practiced yoga, or dance, or who has ever fallen in like with a distinct kind of fitness has identified that movement can be medicine – each physically and mentally.

When it comes to yoga, there is no shortage of physical rewards. And primarily based on the sort of yoga you practice (especially the gentler formats like Yin and Restorative), the rewards turn into more and more concentrated about physical improvement.

Increased joint mobility and variety of motion, enhanced flexibility and agility, along with far better blood circulation, postural alignment and body awareness are just some of the causes that yoga appeals to – and assists – practitioners of all ages.

So what about yoga for managing discomfort and orthopedic injuries particularly?

“There is a book for that.”

As you may possibly have guessed, yoga has been scientifically proven to be a organic and productive strategy of managing discomfort and injuries. But if you are struggling with discomfort or recovering from an injury, locating a trusted and trustworthy supply for help and guidance by way of this journey is essential.

Enter: Yoga Bones: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Pain and Orthopedic Injuries Through Yoga.

What injuries or discomfort fall below the orthopedic umbrella? From chronic neck discomfort, sciatica, or herniated discs, to frozen shoulder syndrome and hip or knee replacements, Yoga Bones author Laura Staton covers these bases and more in a methodically organized and complete guide.

We had a possibility to check out Yoga Bones for ourselves . . . Read on to study more about this book, what it incorporates, and our opinion of it.

We Review Yoga Bones: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Pain and Orthopedic Injuries Through Yoga

Author Laura Staton is a certified Yoga Therapist and Senior Occupational Therapist at a Northwell Health teaching hospital. With a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy in addition to her previous as a dancer and choreographer, Staton is a hugely certified and informed specialist, which shines all through the pages of Yoga Bones.

What initially struck us about this book is the seamless integration of Western Medicine and yoga in a thorough however straightforward to have an understanding of presentation.

Yoga Bones gives a balance of up front facts and explanation on distinct components of the body (Chapter 1, for instance, begins with The Spine), along with pages of asanas (physical poses) to target that aspect of the body with in-depth guidance on how to practice each and every pose.

Each chapter also incorporates a Functional Wellness section with ‘bonus’ facts, guidance and help for a deeper connection to the practice you just completed in that chapter.

“One of our favorite chapters is Chapter 5”

One of our favourite chapters is Chapter 5: Lower Back Pain and Your Iliopasoas. According to the opening paragraph, roughly 80% of Americans expertise back discomfort in their lives. With so quite a few men and women suffering from back discomfort, this chapter supplies an overview of the key causes (weakness and poor posture at the major of the list) and also explains the psoas muscle and its connection to low back discomfort.

Next you will move onto yoga poses that assist you tap into your body awareness, followed by poses to stretch and strengthen the psoas (yes please!). The chapter ends with a Functional Wellness section on the seven chakras and a chakra scan.
Yoga Bones book

A Few Key Highlights From the Book

Yoga in common is ideal supported with lots of clear and complete guidance from the facilitator, and Laura Staton does not disappoint.

The intentional presentation of yoga poses for each and every orthopedic situation incorporates explanations of the situation, a quite detailed bullet-point list of cues for accessing each and every pose, and supported by photographs and pictures.

There’s also Notes at the finish of each and every pose that supply modifications, more strategies to incorporate the yoga props, and a short explanation of how that pose assists the distinct aspect of the body you are targeting.

As the back cover succinctly describes, “With a holistic and gentle approach, Staton provides a bridge between mainstream medical practices and mindful healing.”

From a yoga instructor standpoint, the most significant aspect of Yoga Bones is how accessible it is for all ages and levels of capacity. By incorporating a generous quantity of yoga props (consider yoga bolster, blankets, yoga strap, and so on) all through the poses and chapters, Staton guarantees this gentle, mindful strategy which is essential for overcoming injuries, managing discomfort, and in the end healing.

Staton also incorporates household props such as a chair or the wall, creating the poses and practices all through the book even more accessible and realistic for the typical practitioner at residence. Yoga Bones sets you up for a protected and fruitful, as nicely as informed, practice from the comfort of your residence.

Yoga Bones: The Takeaway on This Guide for Navigating Injuries Through Yoga

At just below 300 pages and jam-packed with know-how, facts, and applicable guidance that is straightforward to have an understanding of and incorporate, Yoga Bones: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Pain and Orthopedic Injuries Through Yoga lives up to its name and clout.

Laura Staton expertly crafts an accessible step-by-step guide to address your injury or discomfort in a manageable and realistic way that is protected, productive, and truly enjoyable.

For any yoga teachers out there, this book is an fantastic resource to deepen your know-how and capacity to totally help your students. For any yoga practitioners dealing with chronic discomfort or searching for a holistic way to remedy an orthopedic injury, it is a good spot to start off.

Priced at much less than $20, Yoga Bones is a no-brainer to add to your yoga arsenal. For all these causes, this book is one hundred% YogiApproved™.

Learn more about this book and grab yourself a copy here!

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