This collection is created to support busy parents and teachers swiftly assessment my best 10 art supplies for children. All have been tested in a busy classroom setting and located bring the greatest good quality for the dollars spent. Students do not need to have to have the most up-to-date, imported paint to make their greatest work, but they do need to have supplies that hold up.

Finding very good art supplies that truly work is less difficult mentioned than completed. No a single need to have to devote cash on merchandise that only give mediocre outcomes. You may possibly be shocked to study that there’s truly A single brand of supplies that is sort of an inside joke amongst fellow art teachers, as they have the lowest good quality by far. It’s no coincidence they are the least expensive also.

Now teachers can chose merchandise that work effectively, match their price range, and retain them from scrolling by way of endless Amazon evaluations or Michael’s checkout lines. They are the ones I would want if ever stuck on a desert island, with all time in the globe to just make art.

Happy buying every person!

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Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids

Liquid Watercolor Paint

These awesome liquid paints, stored in spill proof cups, had been a single of the greatest issues I found in my ten years of classroom teaching. No messy trays with tablets and the colors are SO vibrant.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Watercolor paper

Watercolor Paper

Only true watercolor paper can really show how brilliant watercolors hues and textures can be. This brand was my preferred for soon after college classes and under no circumstances disappointed (in particular when the next item was used to paint on them).

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Art Journal

Art journals that can open and lay good and flat though you work are a treat. Add to that a good water-resistant cover, that is keeps put on and tear down to a minimum, and you have a keepsake that will final a extended time.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Paint brush

Paint Brush

A very good paint brush can make all the distinction in the globe. Who can paint modest information with a single of these massive floppy brushes? This style with a sturdy rounded tip had been my hands down preferred.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Tempera Paints

Tempera Paint Cakes

Why tempera cakes as an alternative of the liquid paint? Because with a brush and cup of water, students have every little thing they need to have. They can even handle the worth if they want, by adding more or much less water.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Oil Pastels

Portfolio Oil Pastels

Try these out if you want oil pastels that make awesome colour, and frequently finish up searching like an oil painting. The 24 pack has a excellent palette, and is the coloring media of option for all my murals in my PDF Shop.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Crayola Crayons

Crayola Crayons

A deluxe box of these crayons are nonetheless the greatest worth, in particular when you need to have lots of colour possibilities. Who can possibly colour a landscape or seascape with a single shade of green or blue?

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Prang Crayons

Prang Crayons

These crayons are eco-friendly and can make some actually wealthy colors. They can virtually appear like oil pastels, without the need of any of the smudging.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Metallic Markers

Crayola Metallic Markers

Metallic markers are such a treat to draw with, in particular on dark paper. They make rather mesmerizing art, are entirely kid secure and resemble Sharpie metallic markers without the need of any of the additional price.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Markers

Stabilo Power Markers

My go to preferred brand of markers, hands down. The ideas hold up effectively, the caps are clear and interchangeable, and the palette of warm and cool colors just cannot be beat. These had been my markers of option for soon after college art classes for years.

Top 10 Art Supplies for Kids: Storage system

Bonus! Favorite Storage System

My preferred storage for art supplies is produced by Really Useful Boxes. They make a wide assortment of sizes, but I located the 2.1 liter size is great for my collection of Stabilo Power Markers.