Find Out What the Spring Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Find Out What the Spring Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign

The spring equinox and astrological new year are here, creating a portal of potential. If you didn’t know there was another new year to celebrate, welcome to the cosmic party!

The zodiac calendar begins with Aries season (March 20 – April 20) and completes with Pisces season (February 20 – March 20). Throughout these twelve months, we experience all four elements, the expansion and contraction of the zodiac signs, and the phases of the moon.

Aligned with the start of Aries season – the astrological new year – we also have the spring equinox, aka Vernal equinox. Celebrated and revered across cultures and continents for millennia, the spring equinox signals the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

This is a time of renewal and rebirth, but also death. You can’t have the dark without the light!

Aligned with the start of Aries season, AKA the astrological new year, we also have the spring equinox.

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’ll also experience a shift in energy, going from illumination to hibernation. Regardless of where you are, the element of fire is ever present and will light your path ahead, like a beacon from within.

Let’s dive into what this significant cosmic weather means and how you can embody this energy to stoke your inner fire.

What the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year Mean

Aries, the youngest and most eager sign of the zodiac, represents new beginnings and the element of fire. Just as the world is waking back up from a cold winter, Aries season comes in to ignite and stoke the flame to guide the path ahead.

Ever the eager Ram, Aries is a sign of power, strength, confidence, will power, leadership, and naivety. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, Aries is not afraid to charge ahead into the unknown on a crusade of the soul. Aries has a ton of energy, ideas, confidence, and gusto.

Channel this energy in your life right now! Ask yourself, what can I take charge on right now?

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With the thaw of winter receding and the light returning, we must first pass through the tipping point, the portal of balance known as the spring equinox. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, equinox translates from the “Latin words aequi, which means “equal,” and nox, which means “night.” The vernal equinox is considered the first day of spring: finally, the day and night are of equal length.

This portal of balance helps us move between two worlds with grace and compassion. We are in the bliss of duality on the equinox, fully balanced between darkness and light. Just like the yin yang, we are not whole without both. We all have a shadow side.

The vernal equinox is considered the first day of spring: finally, the day and night are of equal length.

This is a time to begin! To take the lessons of the dark winter forward into the light. To become the person of your dreams as you take off the cloak of who you once were. To change gracefully and with wisdom as you burn away what no longer aligns.

Change can be uncomfortable, as it’s shrouded in the unknown, but it’s in those uncomfortable in-between places that you truly get to know yourself and are reminded of your why.

Bloom with Mother Nature! You are being given the most fertile soil to start something new, go down a different path, make lasting changes, and follow your intuition.

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What the Spring Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign

This spring equinox, there’s a bit more to balance than in the recent past. We have two major astrological events happening this spring: Saturn entering Pisces for the first time in 29 years, and Pluto entering Aquarius for the first time in 245 years.

Saturn is the planet of structure and discipline, while Pisces is the sign of boundless freedom. Tension point #1 has entered the chat. Additionally, Pluto in Aquarius will challenge the status quo of tech, which we’ve already seen in the rise of AI and electric vehicles.

If you were born during the years of 1993-1996, you’re embarking on your Saturn Return, which can feel pretty tense at times.

All of this is to say that while spring is most definitely a rebirth, this particular spring equinox and season carries some extra lessons with it. But, all planets are direct until April 21, so get up and get moving on your goals!


The sun is shining on you, dear Aries! Happy Birthday! The spring equinox and the spring season is your time to shine, take up space, and make moves on that idea that was swimming around in your heart all of Pisces season. You now have the energy and vision to take action. Start the fires of your idea and allow your passion and purpose to stoke the flame as it grows and glows.


Welcome back, Taurus. You may feel like you’ve been in a dreamy slumber or hibernating the past few months. It’s time to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and reconnect with your driving purpose. You know what you’re here to do and the light of Aries season will give you the energy to get sh*t done! And yes, you are worthy!


Whew, you made it through the depths of winter, Gemini! Now it’s time to get out there, see your favorite people, meet new people, and be the social butterfly that you so naturally are. Join that club, go to the meetup, sign up for the hike! Meeting new people and learning new things gives you life. And with life returning to the world around you amidst the vernal equinox, you’re ready to reconnect with the life within you!


Doesn’t the sun feel good on your face, Cancer? You may be a glorious homebody but your shell is getting a little stuffy and it’s time to shake things up. The winter darkness brought you much change and transformation, and now that it’s all had a chance to settle, you’re ready to strut your stuff this astrological new year. Show off your new glow!


You can finally resume your position in the spotlight, Leo! The winter was long but the lights are bright now. Get out there and be the star of your own show. You are best when you’re around people who help you shine brighter, so go out and love up on your twinkling community. It’s time to start that thing you’ve been wanting to do. Put it out there and let it see the light of day!

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Open the windows, Virgo, and cleanse your sacred space: your home! A clean and well-organized space allows for a creative mind, and you’re so very creative. You may be the mayor of the spring clean, but that’s because you deeply appreciate the benefits of a decluttered life. Make lists, clean under the couch, give those old clothes away! This will make room for the new and glorious things headed your way this astrological new year.


Beauty is returning to the earth, Libra, and you’re ready to get out on the town! The renewal of spring and Aries season has ignited major change in your life. And this change looks good on you! You’ve been waiting a long time to feel this much relief and renewal, so celebrate your victories and sing your joy from the rooftops.


The light has returned and your shadows are receding, Scorpio. It’s time to bring all that sensual and mystical energy into the light of day and share your gifts with the world. You learned so much in your favorite season of darkness. But this wisdom isn’t just for you. Share your velvety lessons from the darkness and you’ll help people see there’s no reason to be afraid of the dark.


Take the trip, Sagittarius! You’ve been craving a getaway and now is the time to spread your wings and fly. Get out of your comfortable space and get out into the thrilling unknown. You’re well overdue for a wild adventure, even if it’s just outside of town. So, on this spring equinox, let your soul lead you and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


All work and no play is no way to live, Capricorn! Ever the responsible hard worker, Aries season is here to remind you that you are also allowed to play hard. Celebrate your accomplishments and do something that makes you feel alive during the vernal equinox! You love to have fun, and play is just what the witch doctor ordered for you.


Change is on the wind and you’re always at the frontlines of shaking things up, Aquarius. Be the rebel with a cause and speak your mind. Your voice carries weight and people listen to you. Allow whatever has been burning within you to come out and move the masses this astrological new year. ‘Tis the season to take action and rally the troops.


Your season may be over Pisces, but the fun is beginning. You experienced tons of magic in your season, and now you’re ready to learn and integrate the lessons of Saturn. The fire of Aries will bring light into the depths of your mystical life so you can see how much you’ve grown. Like crystals in the earth, you are filled with treasures and magic. They’re now ready to be on display!

This Spring Equinox Is About Release, Renewal, Rebirth

Moral of the story, dear mystic, is that this is a brand new year! Forget about January 1st and align yourself with nature. The Vernal equinox is the time to begin, to take action, and to connect with the fire within.

Happy astrological new year!

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