Easy Claude Monet Art Project: How to Paint Water Lilies

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Below you will come across an straightforward step-by-step tutorial for a Monet art project for youngsters. Watercolor paint and crayons can make some really quite water lilies.Save

Claude Monet was a French artist in the late 1800s. He was a single of the initially who wanted to share more of the impression of factors he was painting, and how a distinct painting could make you really feel when you looked at it. This tutorial tends to make for an straightforward Monet art project for youngsters in that his loose and colorful appear can be captured with just straightforward crayons and watercolors.

This is named a watercolor resist project, for the reason that the drawing that is produced with crayons, will resist the paint that is brushed more than it at the finish. Though the method is straightforward (draw with crayons and then paint) there are a handful of suggestions I’d like to pass along so your students have the most achievement with their painting.

  1. Do use watercolor paper. It will make the paint colors appear at least twice as vibrant as drawing paper. It’s the cause why it charges more than normal paper.
  2. Draw ONLY with crayons, no arranging with a pencil initially. The gray lines will show by way of the light crayon colors, and take away from the delicate appear of the painting.
  3. Encourage students to press Added difficult when coloring. The flowers need to have to be filled in seriously effectively, so they do not turn blue when the paint goes more than them. And the white wave lines need to have to be seriously thick as well so they show up effectively at the finish.

That’s it! This is a good project for particular events like fundraisers or art shows. The method is a straightforward a single that all ages can appreciate, and the art that is developed is bound to have a quite and delicate appear, thanks to just a handful of straightforward art supplies that come about to work collectively seriously effectively!

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A Monet art project for kids, made with the help of an easy step by step tutorial.

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