7 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

7 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

There are many factors that go into cultivating good metabolic health and everyone’s health journey is unique. However, there are daily habits and natural lifestyle choices you can make that boost your metabolism and improve your metabolic health as well as help you avoid metabolic diseases.

Metabolism is a set of metabolic processes that allow your body to convert food into energy.

In this article we’ll review what metabolic health is and how it relates to metabolism, and we’ll share seven impactful and science-backed ways to boost your metabolism naturally and support your metabolic health so you can live a balanced life full of vitality. Let’s go!

Heart Pumping and Muscle Building Classes to Improve Your Metabolic Health

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What is Metabolic Health?

There are five metabolic health markers that are considered when determining your metabolic health: glucose level (blood sugar), blood pressure, triglycerides, waist circumference and HDL cholesterol levels.

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To have what’s considered good metabolic health, you need to have optimal levels of these five metabolic health markers, without the use of medication. According to a recent study, only one in eight Americans meet that criteria. While that might be a glaring statistic, the good news is that there are natural ways to improve your metabolic health every day!


Understanding Metabolism

Metabolism is a set of metabolic processes that allow your body to convert food into energy. That energy then fuels all of our bodily functions, like breathing, circulating blood, digesting food, repairing cells, managing hormone levels and regulating body temperature.

That’s why our metabolism plays such an important role in our overall metabolic health. Ready to support your wellbeing and live a life with more energy? Read on for seven easy and impactful ways to boost your metabolism and support your metabolic health.

7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Metabolic Health:


1. Get Up and Move

Avoiding excessive sedentary behaviors can make a huge difference. From sitting in front of computers at work to binging hours of your favorite TV show, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a slump. But you don’t have to quit your day job or cut out all TV. Remember to take breaks, walk around, maybe get a standing desk, or do relaxing yoga while binging the latest Netflix series.

2. Incorporate Metabolic Superfoods

We all know how important a healthy diet is and it’s certainly no exception here! Try to include superfoods like lean protein (white fish, poultry, greek yogurt, beans and tofu) and extra fiber like chia and flax seeds, beans and lentils into your meals. When it comes to drinking, trade in those sugary beverages for green tea.

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3. Get a Good Night’s Rest

As if we need more reasons to get cozy and pull up the covers, right? Studies have shown that a lack of sleep is known to have a negative impact on metabolism. Adults should aim for about seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

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4. Get Your Heart Pumping

Cardio lovers rejoice! Of course, lacing up your sneakers for a run isn’t the only way to get your heart pumping. HIIT workouts have been shown to burn more fat by increasing your metabolic rate and they’re a great option if you’re short on time.

5. Build More Muscle

Studies show that resistance training has a big impact on resting metabolic rate, which means you’re burning calories long after you’re done working out. Use things like kettlebells, dumbbells or resistance bands to get in a good muscle building sesh. Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment; you can use bodyweight moves in things like HIIT, yoga and Pilates.

6. Manage Your Stress

Stress plays a big role in our health and wellness. When we experience stress, whether from major life events or simply the day to day frustrations, our cortisol levels rise, adrenaline kicks in, blood pressure goes up – you get the picture. It’s important to find ways to manage your stress every day. If you need some ideas, try these ten science-backed stress busters.

7. Drink More Water

Staying hydrated has been linked to metabolic health as well as helping your entire body to function well. It’s a great replacement for sugary drinks that are often loaded with extra calories. If you’re not a big fan of water, try adding lemon or any fruit (even herbs!) to make it more flavorful.

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Taking Control of Your Metabolic Health

Building these healthy habits into your daily routine will help improve your metabolic health. If it seems overwhelming, simply start with one or two, then add on from there. There are also metabolic health tests that you can use at home, however it’s important to reach out to your physician for professional guidance.

There are routine labs and tests your doctor can perform to let you know where you stand and what the most effective steps to take moving forward would be for you. Your health and wellbeing are important. Don’t forget to prioritize yourself in life.

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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