Your Planning Partner, Step 1: Set Goals

Your Planning Partner, Step 1: Set Goals

We know educators are being asked to do more than ever, and educators know planning ahead is the best way to achieve your goals. As your planning partner, we want to help simplify the planning process so you head into each new school year fully prepared to engage and inspire young minds. Whether you’re in the classroom, planning for a school building, or planning for an entire district, we are here to help!

Set Goals to Achieve in the Coming School Year

The first step in planning your next school year is to set goals. Take time to evaluate what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what resources you need to accomplish your objectives for the year. And don’t forget to dream a little! You may be planning for the use of Title programs, Perkins, McKinney-Vento, school goals, or even district strategic plans.

To aid you on your planning path, School Specialty® has developed and curated content and planning resources to inspire new possibilities for your classroom learning environment.

Our Learning Spaces Gallery has a breadth of ideas organized into categories. You’ll find inspiration for modern classroom designs, physical education spaces, common areas, early childhood classrooms, sensory spaces, makerspaces, and cafeterias.

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As education transforms, so too does our approach to these learning environments. Our Classroom Select® lineup provides comprehensive furniture solutions, and our design and education experts are here to help create dynamic, innovative, and accessible learning spaces.

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Learning Models

Each classroom has unique needs, which is why we’ve carefully developed assortments based on learning models to help you engage with students. You’ll find products and resources for STEM/STEAM, social emotional learning, makerspaces, and adapted and inclusive options for students with special needs.

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Classroom Transformations

Since 2015, we’ve traveled the country transforming classroom spaces into future-ready learning environments. Not only does a school get an engaging new learning space, but it also allows us to show others what School Specialty and our Projects by Design® team can accomplish for them.

Take a look through the many new media centers, cafeterias, playgrounds, CTE, wellness spaces, sensory rooms, virtual reality rooms, and eSports arenas to see how your school might remodel a learning space to shape student futures. Our experts are here to guide you through the process, all part of our mission to Transform More Than Classrooms.

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Planning Tools

Sometimes, it just feels right to put pen to paper, especially when sitting down to plan for the next school year. We have hundreds of planners and calendars to help you organize your daily, monthly, and yearly goals and tasks.

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What other resources do you find helpful while setting goals for a new school year? Let us know in the comments!

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