YogiApproved Is Now YouAligned! Learn About Our Exciting Rebrand

YogiApproved Is Now YouAligned! Learn About Our Exciting Rebrand

We are thrilled to announce the very exciting news that YogiApproved is now YouAligned!

Everything you know and love about us will remain the same. We will continue publishing informative articles that support your healthy lifestyle. We will continue adding new premium online yoga, fitness, movement, and meditation classes every week. Even our YA initials remain the same!

Simply, YouAligned better embodies what we do and stand for today and where we want the brand to be in it’s adulthood. It better “aligns” with our core focus of mind, body, & life wellness.

A bit of backstory: YogiApproved was created back in 2015, and our vision was focused on all things Yoga. One major aspect of us being a trusted yoga resource were our product reviews, which is how the name YogiApproved was born.

We originally started with product reviews to help our readers get the most out of their practice. Over the years, we have grown and evolved immensely, and we have shifted to a focus on wellness in order to expand our impact.

Now our focus has evolved to all things wellness, which encompasses yoga. Evolution is a natural part of life and it’s something we encourage in our readers, members, teachers, and team. Embracing change is how we grow.

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A big aspect of our evolution has been shifting the center focus from yoga to broader wellness. Of course we still love and are so passionate about spreading the gift of yoga! That will never change. Yoga will always remain one of our main pillars of wellness-based offerings.

What has changed over our nearly eight years in business, is our ever-increasing amount of wellness resources available to our readers and students.

We have always viewed YogiApproved as our baby, and over the years we have watched this baby grow into the beautiful full-fledged platform that it is today. And just as a proud mom would, I am so excited to share our YogiApproved rebrand and glow-up that reflects our company’s evolution into adulthood.

What does this rebrand mean for you? Our mission remains the same: to empower you to live your very best life.

We love the community we have built with you! We will still offer the same amazing online classes and informative articles. Everything that currently exists on YA will remain the same, and this glow-up rebrand will allow us to continue adding even more beneficial wellness offerings and content to help you thrive mind, body, and life.

We believe wellness starts from within (mindset), expands through our routine (movement, meditation), and is supported by practices like mindfulness.

In a world that constantly tells us go go go, do do do, more more more, each and every one of us needs wellness in our lives. Wellness in the form of movement, mindfulness, meditation, mindset, self-care, mental health, yoga, fitness, lifestyle and community.

Our Evolution Reflects the Evolution of Wellness and Yoga

Over the past decade, yoga in the West has undergone quite the evolution. Ten years ago, there were far less yoga studios, certified yoga instructors, and the first online yoga offerings were just starting to emerge.

When YogiApproved began back in 2015, there were tons of yoga websites, and a few online yoga streaming platforms. The evolution was gaining momentum, and it was around this time that yoga became mainstream in the West.

And as anyone knows who has a yoga practice, once you’ve established your yoga lifestyle, the practice comes with you off the mat. You become interested in aspects of the yoga practice beyond the physical asana (or poses). Inevitably, your sense of self-awareness and self-love increases.

A committed yoga practice leads to a wellness lifestyle.

From there, a deeper commitment to wellness often follows. Thus, a committed yoga practice leads to a wellness lifestyle. This evolution happens on an individual level but also on a collective level, as we are seeing now in the yoga and wellness worlds.

And as more and more people find the gift of yoga, the collective interest in wellness continues to increase too. Societally, we are seeing a major shift from glorifying the hustle mentality and being busy, to prioritizing our self-care and wellness needs.

Like yoga, living a wellness lifestyle is now a mainstream practice that benefits everyone who commits to it.

More About YouAligned

Our new YouAligned name better embodies all that we offer and all that we do. Thriving is defined as: to prosper; to flourish. YouAligned is here to help you thrive through mind-body-life wellness.

Since we as a company believe in leading with integrity, I will be super honest with you. Deciding to change our name was not easy – we’ve been YogiApproved for nearly a decade! Rebranding takes a lot of time, planning and resources – especially for a small, grassroots team like ours.

It is a big and daunting undertaking! I found myself asking, what if this fails? What if we mess it up? But then I reminded myself of the same advice we always share with you: we must believe in ourselves and our visions for the future!

We believe wellness starts from within (mindset), expands through our routine (movement, meditation), and is supported by practices like mindfulness.

Our vision is to continue showing up as powerfully and impactfully as we possibly can for our community, and this glow-up allows us to do precisely that by further expanding our wellness offerings.

YouAligned Classes is our platform for mind-body-life wellness, aligned with your modern needs and lifestyle. We offer premium content in the areas of Movement (Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Barre and Dance), Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, and more Wellness and Mindset classes and programs coming soon.

Our 5-star rated app (voted best Mac app for at-home yoga and fitness by Lifewire Magazine) is available on all devices and you can download our content to play offline when you travel.

Every class you complete helps plant a food-producing tree for farming communities in sub-Saharan Africa. So far our members have planted nearly 300,000 trees!

The YA Classes community also has access to thousands of articles on youaligned.com that support your mind-body-life wellness journey. If you’re reading this article, then you are already here!

A Big Thank You and a Humble Request

This is where we need your support in helping us continue to expand our impact. Please consider sharing about us on your social media channels. Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family about YouAligned, share an article that you found benefit in, or practice with us if you haven’t already. We are so grateful for your help!

Many of you have been with us since the early days. We see you and appreciate your support so much! And whether you’ve been with us since day one or have only been with us one day, you are welcome here, and we are so happy to have you. We could not do it without you! In fact, everything we do is for you.

When our wellness is aligned, we can truly thrive mind-body-life.

So thank you. Thank you for your support, thank you for reading this, and thank you for giving us the motivation to keep going and growing – and glowing UP.

Our goal and our purpose is getting You, Aligned.

Let’s align and thrive together.
Ashton and the YA Team

Originally published in youaligned.com