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This whimsical book will teach your youngsters about minimizing meals waste by means of scrumptious options to overripe fruit!

By Vernon D. Gibbs and Steven T. Gray

What is Good Fruit Goes Bad About

When Good Fruit Goes Bad tells the story of Hank Huckleberry, a man who sells fruit. One day when Hank goes to operate, he is greeted by a significantly less than fruity scene: fruit that has gone undesirable, actually! Dented apples are fighting with bruised oranges, though angry avocadoes and bitter grapefruits sit in sour defiance of their close to ending. The grapes quiver in worry they will be turned into grape juice, though the soft watermelons bully the tiny cherries. The fruit explains they are tired of getting tossed if they are not best. Hank Huckleberry calls upon his pal Sarah Sweets to support save his shop, who explains that ‘bad’ fruit can nevertheless be very good! These sweet fruits are complete of fiber and vitamins. Splotchy avocado can turn out to be creamy guacamole, speckled bananas make sweet banana bread, and mushy berries transform into tangy jams.

Gibbs and Gray’s colorful tale introduces youngsters to the notion of meals waste and methods to avert throwing away completely very good fruit that could not appear best! This story also opens up the conversation to go over unique varieties of fruits and inventive methods to consume them. This can be excellent for youngsters who are picky eaters however could be open to tasting a peach scone or raspberry jam.

After reading Good Fruit Goes Bad, attempt some of these activities:

  • Search by means of your fridge or fruit bowl with your kid, scouting out ripe bananas, peaches, or berries. Make banana bread, peach cobbler, or jam collectively!
  • Discuss other methods to steer clear of unnecessary waste in your kitchen! Perhaps start a compost bin, or save up vegetable scraps for soups.
  • Together, add up the price of any wasted or expired meals in your fridge, freezer, or pantry and go over what that funds could have bought.
  • Subscribe to an ugly create or imperfect create subscription. Your youngsters could learn that a two-headed strawberry is just as tasty as the original.
  • Consider setting up a subscription to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box to support minimize meals waste and acquire locally and seasonally.
  • Take these 10 methods as a family members to minimize meals waste and take a look at our taste a rainbow of colors toolkit to increase fruit and veggies in your family’s eating plan.

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