What to Know about Teeth Grinding | MomDocs

What to Know about Teeth Grinding | MomDocs

Teeth grinding can be an irritating habit for children to have. No one likes that noise, and it can feel like you are listening to your child damage their precious set of teeth. Grinding teeth is actually very common among kids. The good news is that this grinding rarely causes serious issues.

We don’t always know what causes individuals to grind their teeth. Breathing issues while sleeping may cause the jaw to move forward and backward. It can also be caused by stress. This could be stress from teething or just those with a type A personality who may unconsciously clench and grind their teeth. We do notice that kids tend to outgrow this habit. It seems to be highest when teething or there are different growth patterns going on in the mouth.

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If your child grinds their teeth, dentists will first confirm there is no damage on the actual teeth. They will also evaluate the muscles that help us eat to ensure there is no tension and the joint where your lower jaw meets your skull is functioning properly.

If your child has been grinding their teeth, you should ask a dentist or pediatrician for their insight. But be prepared to be told that there isn’t much intervention that can be done.

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