What Is Energy (As It Relates to the Law of Attraction)? We Explain

What Is Energy (As It Relates to the Law of Attraction)? We Explain

What is power? Some get in touch with it life force power or soul power, but it does not matter it is just power. And by Albert Einstein’s definition, it is every thing! Einstein stated, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”

We agree with him! In this report, we’ll inform you why.


What Is Energy?

Matter is something that requires up space and has mass something you can perceive in physical kind. Think plants, rocks, homes, cell phones, and yes, even YOU! And science shows it exists in the developing blocks of all matter.

So, why does that matter?

Because it indicates if every thing about you is matter, and all matter is power, then every thing is power!

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This all could appear quite simple due to the fact you can physically see matter, like the perceived rock, plant, cell telephone or even oneself in a mirror! But what if we told you none of it was physical? What if we told you the whole material globe of matter is absolutely nothing but vibration?

Spiritually, invisible, intangible and amazingly strong energies connect every thing.

Everything in our universe is continuously moving. Even objects that seem stationary are essentially vibrating, oscillating, and resonating at a variety of frequencies!

The point is it does not matter if you can see matter due to the fact every thing you can see is not normally the truth (bear in mind the rock that seemed strong, unmoving and disconnected from every thing else about it?).

What genuinely matters is the spiritual understanding that invisible, intangible and amazingly strong energies connect every thing and everybody in this globe with each other.

So if you are prepared to ask oneself, “What is energy” and be open to the answer that the globe is more of an energetic thought than something else – which indicates you have the conscious energy to transform your reality – then you will want to retain reading!

Harness Your Energy, Empower Your Life


Change Your Mind, Change Your Energy

So, what is power as it relates to co-building with the universe?

From a spiritual point of view, we had been developed from the very same power we can now use to produce a life we appreciate by means of our thoughts and feelings.

As noted, every thing is power and this contains our thoughts and feelings which are vibrating at specific frequencies. The way you assume impacts the globe about you. Your thoughts are magnetic and they will seek out their personal vibrational match – no matter whether conscious or not, and no matter whether it is positive or adverse!

The way you assume impacts the globe about you.

In other words, your thoughts are like cosmic waves that carry your life force with them and if you want to transform some thing in your life, you will require to transform your thoughts.

As divine, spiritual beings, we have a distinctive potential to consciously handle our thoughts and direct our life force by aligning our personal vibration to match what we want.

This is identified as the Law of Attraction, a universal law that states like attracts like. Everything in this globe has a vibratory price and what you assume about and really feel will attract more experiences with these very same feelings and vibrations as you!

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Once you begin to see you are power, every thing you want is power, and there is no genuine distinction involving you and your atmosphere, then you will begin shaping your reality in accordance with your objectives and desires!

Mind Over Matter

To summarize, power exists in your thoughts and in all physical matter, like your body or a rock on the beach (that entire every thing is power reference once again!)

We hope by reading this report you have a entire new appreciation of the phrase thoughts more than matter! The way you assume and really feel internally in your thoughts can actually transform the physical globe of matter you practical experience externally!

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In summary: you matter and you are matter. Feel empowered calling in the life you deserve as an endless sea of vibrating soul power.

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