Violet Flame Meditation: Technique, Benefits and Best Videos • Yoga Basics

Violet Flame Meditation: Technique, Benefits and Best Videos • Yoga Basics

Visualization meditation techniques are an easy and accessible way to tap into the power of your mind to create a state of concentration, relaxation, and spiritual awareness. Imagining an orb or ray of light is a common point of focus in this type of meditation, as it is an accessible and versatile image that can be adapted to suit any intention or desired outcome. One powerful variation of this visualization technique is the violet flame meditation. This uses a vibrant violet flame that burns brightly in your mind’s eye to transform and purify the mind, heart, and spirit. You can also use it as a tool for healing, letting go of negativity, and enhancing your spiritual growth.

What is the violet flame?

The violet flame is believed to be a form of powerful spiritual energy that can help transmute negative thoughts and emotions into positive energy. The divine energy of the violet flame raising and transforming low level vibrations of harmful energy into a high-frequency energy that can raise your consciousness and improving your overall well-being. Cultivating a conscious awareness of this powerful symbol can help you harness its transformative power and bring positive change into your life.

The color violet is associated with spirituality, transmutation, and transformation. It is the highest frequency color in the visible light spectrum, with the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency, making it a powerful tool for visualization, spiritual growth, and healing. Violet is also associated with the crown chakra, the energy center that connects us to the divine and higher consciousness. Visualizing the color violet can help activate and balance this chakra, leading to greater spiritual awareness and universal connection.

This violet color of light is described as a three-fold flame of blue, pink, and gold light, representing the three aspects of the Divine within each of us. The blue light or ray of energy represents power, will, and divine guidance. The pink light represents love, compassion, and forgiveness, and the gold light represents wisdom, enlightenment, and understanding. By invoking and visualizing these three flames within oneself, practitioners can connect more deeply with their own inner divinity and higher self.

What is the violet flame meditation?

The violet flame meditation is a powerful spiritual practice that involves visualizing a violet flame around your body to burn away negativity and transmuting it into positive energy. In conjunction with visualizing a vibrant violet flame around your body, it also incorporates using a positive intention, deep breathing, and focused attention. This visualization meditation is rooted in the esoteric teachings of the Theosophical Society and is believed to have originated from the spiritual teachings of Saint Germain. This simple meditation can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

History of the violet flame meditation

In the late 19th century, the violet flame meditation was popularized to the Western world through the teachings of Saint Germain. According to Theosophical teachings, St. Germain is considered one of the Masters of the Wisdom, someone who has transcended the cycle of birth and death and achieved spiritual enlightenment. He is said to have mastered various esoteric disciplines, such as alchemy, astrology, and magic. St. Germain’s spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of inner transformation and the development of higher virtues, such as love, compassion, and wisdom.

Benefits of violet flame meditation

There are many benefits to practicing violet flame meditation, including stress reduction, increased relaxation, improved mental clarity, and enhanced spiritual connection. Through this powerful energy healing practice, you can let go of discomfort and pain in your emotional and physical body and experience a profound sense of relief and liberation. Negative karma, old patterns of thought and behavior, trauma, and negative emotions can be transmuted and transformed into positive energy with the help of the violet flame. As you practice violet flame meditation regularly, you may also experience a deepening of divine wisdom, a stronger connection to your intuition, and an overall sense of peace and joy. The violet flame meditation can help you release any blockages that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. It can help you overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts, and allow you to step into your power and live a fulfilling life.

How to practice the violet flame meditation

Repeat this meditation regularly to deepen your connection to the violet flame and to bring about positive changes in your life. With regular practice, the violet flame meditation can help you cultivate a more positive and joyful outlook on life.

1. Choose a quiet, peaceful space

To begin the practice, it is important to choose a quiet and peaceful space where you can sit comfortably with good posture. This will allow you to fully relax and focus on the meditation without any distractions. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to release any tension or stress.

2. Choose a focus or intention

It is essential to choose a focus or intention for your practice to help you to direct your energy and bring clarity to your meditation. You may choose to focus on a specific issue or problem that you are facing, such as a health problem or a relationship issue. Alternatively, you may choose to focus on a specific outcome that you wish to manifest in your life, such as abundance or success. Whatever your focus or intention may be, it is important to hold it in your mind throughout your meditation practice. This will help you to channel the transformative power of the violet flame and manifest the changes you desire in your life. , the more focused and clear your intention is, the more powerful your practice will be.

3. Find your center

Using a slow, deep diaphragmatic breath, take a deep inhale through your nose, filling your lungs and diaphragm completely, and hold the breath for a few seconds before exhaling slowly through your mouth. Repeat this process a few times, allowing yourself to relax and release any tension in your body. Then continue to breathe deeply in and out through your nose.

You may wish to begin to repeat a chosen mantra silently or aloud. This can be any word or phrase that holds spiritual significance for you and helps you focus your attention. As you repeat the mantra, allow your mind to let go of any distracting thoughts and focus on the sound and vibration of the words. Allow the breathing and chanting to ground you to your center and connect with your inner self.

4. Visualize a white sphere of light

Visualize a white sphere of light as a protective shield, surrounding your entire being and creating a safe space for the energy of the meditation. When visualizing this sphere, it is important to focus on its brightness and purity, as this will help to enhance its protective qualities. Imagine the white light or white flames radiating outwards in all directions, filling the space around you with its calming and healing energy. As you continue with the meditation, allow yourself to sink deeper into this sphere of light, feeling its warmth and comfort as it envelopes you.

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5. Transform the bright light into a violet flame

As the white light passes through your body, visualize it transforming into a violet light or  flame. This flame represents the transmutation of negative energy into positive energy, and it has the power to cleanse and purify your body, mind, and spirit. Maintain your consciousness awareness on the flame for several minutes, allowing it to penetrate every cell of your being. Feel this potent energy transforming any places of darkness into light and removing any energetic or soul blockages from your being.

6. Let the flame transform any negativity

When you encounter negative thoughts, emotions, or memories during your meditation, you can use the violet flame to transmute them into positive energy. To do this, simply visualize the violet flame enveloping the negativity and consuming it, until all that remains is pure, positive energy. This practice can be especially helpful for those who are struggling with negative emotions or experiences in their lives, as it allows them to release and transform these energies into something positive and uplifting.

7. Draw the flame to your intention

Next, draw the flame to your intention by visualizing the violet flame surrounding and penetrating the area of your life that you wish to transform or heal. Visualize a bright purple fire that burns away negativity and transmutes it into positive energy, surrounding and penetrating the area of your intention. As you continue to focus on your intention and the violet flame, feel its healing and transformative power working within you.

To deepen the energy of violet flame, you can repeat an affirmation or decree like: “I welcome and embrace this beautiful sapphire blue light to transform all hurt and negativity into love, kindness and forgiveness.”

8. Dissolve the flame and integrate

The final step is to dissolve the flame and integrate its energy into your being. This step is essential for grounding the energy of the violet flame and making its transformative power a part of your everyday life. To dissolve the flame, simply visualize the flame slowly fading away until it disappears completely. As you do this, allow the energy of the flame to flow into your body and fill you with its healing and transformative power.

Take a few slow, deep breaths to integrate and feel any shifts or changes in your body, mind, and spirit. Take a moment to give thanks for this powerful tool of transformation and for the opportunity to use it in service of your highest good.

Slowly open your eyes, and allow the feelings of calm, clarity, and renewal to be carried with you for the rest of your day.

Best online videos

We’ve compiled a list of the three best online videos for the violet flame meditation to help guide you through the technique and deepen your practice. We have selected these videos based on their quality, clarity, and effectiveness in guiding practitioners through the meditation technique.

Final thoughts

Through the practice of the violet flame meditation, you can experience a myriad of benefits, from stress reduction and enhanced relaxation to improved mental clarity and deepened spiritual connection. With regular practice, you can deepen your connection to the violet flame and witness these positive changes unfolding in your life.

Whether you seek healing, manifestation, or simply a deeper sense of inner peace, the violet flame meditation is a powerful tool to guide you on your journey. Embrace its transformative energy and watch as it illuminates your path, leading you towards a life filled with joy, love, and spiritual fulfillment.

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