Try These Kids Science Experiments at Home

Try These Kids Science Experiments at Home

Explore scientific ideas in a inventive and educational way with these little ones’ science experiments at property. Fun and colorful exploration!

Updated May 2022

I used to be intimidated about attempting science projects at property with my little ones till I discovered this basic trick: introduce science via art!

My little ones appreciate method art projects, so making use of art to speak about scientific ideas is each inventive and educational. And the more irresistible the project, the improved! I imply seriously, what kid can resist producing an ooey gooey sticky art mess like this?

Before we get began, right here’s a video displaying how thrilling this project can be, in particular if you spend consideration to information.

Photo by Ana Dziengel

Ooey Gooey Oily Process Art

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  1. Cover your work space

    Note: This is a messy project!! Be certain to cover your work surface to safeguard it if vital.

  2. Prepare your liquids

    Get your colored liquids prepared by mixing corn syrup with red, blue, and yellow meals coloring in separate containers. Do the exact same to build colored water.

  3. Prepare the rest of your supplies

    To set up the project, spot unique plates on the table along with the colored corn syrup, colored water, a modest cup of almond milk, a bottle of infant oil, spoons, and eye droppers.

     Process Art for Kids - Ooey Gooey Oily Art Materials

  4. Experiment!

    Start experimenting by combining liquids. Encourage your little ones to attempt unique combinations in each and every plate to see how they interact.

  5. Look Closely

    Observe the interactions. Take a magnifying glass and watch the liquids interact up close. We filmed ours making use of a macro lens and the magnified view is spectacular!

    Process Art for Kids - Ooey Gooey Oily Art Combinations

Some Successful Combinations

  • Corn Syrup Only: This is just beautiful to see. Corn syrup has a thick glossy appear to it so layering the 3 principal colors of corn syrup on best of each and every other tends to make for some explosive colour combinations.
  • Almond Milk + Corn Syrup: Coat the bottom of your plate with a really thin layer of milk (pour off excess if you have also significantly), then drip corn syrup on the milk. The corn syrup will have a soft appear along the edges.
  • Baby Oil + Colored Water: The classic experiment. Pour a layer of infant oil in the bottom of your plate, then use eyedroppers to drop the colored water on best. Make certain to choose up the plate and gently tilt it to watch the water droplets move about, unable to combine with the oil.
  • Baby Oil + Corn Syrup: Pour a layer of infant oil in the bottom of the plate then drip corn syrup on best. Similar to water, the corn syrup can’t combine with the oil and types droplets, only these drops take a handful of seconds to kind mainly because the corn syrup has higher viscosity.
  • Our Favorite: Almond Milk + Corn syrup, then Baby oil and more corn syrup: This is the ultimate layered version. We even did all this and then added milk and water.
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This is method art at its most effective, exactly where the joy is in the producing. When you are performed, either rinse off the disposable plates and recycle them or wash off your ceramic plates. The corn syrup-only versions will dry more than the course of a week if you want to attempt saving them, but the oily ones will not.

Process Art for Kids - Exploring Ooey Gooey Oily Art
Photo by Ana Dziengel

The Science Behind This Project

There are a handful of scientific ideas that Ooey Gooey Oily Art demonstrates. As your kid is carrying out the project and their curiosity is naturally piqued, jump in and inform them what’s going on!

  • Polarity: Certain molecules are attracted to or repel other molecules. Liquids with comparable amounts of polarity are attracted to each and every other, water and milk for instance, and liquids with unique polarity repel each and every other, oil and corn syrup or quite significantly oil and something!
  • Density: Density is the measure of how heavy and closely packed the molecules of a substance are. Water molecules are really densely packed even though oil is much less dense, producing water heavier than oil. When you combine them, the water sinks to the bottom and the oil floats on best.
  • Viscosity: Viscosity is the measure of friction in a liquid and determines how rapidly or slow a liquid flows. Water has a low viscosity and flows immediately even though corn syrup has higher viscosity and moves gradually.
  • Color Mixing: Limiting this project to red, blue, and yellow is the best way to show how the principal colors combine to make secondary colors and sooner or later brown if you continue to combine them.
Process Art for Kids - Ooey Gooey Oily Art
Photo by Ana Dziengel

Learning Through Creative Projects

One of the issues I appreciate most about The Artful Parent is Jean’s capability to weave art lessons into every day life, activities, and other disciplines like engineering and science. I am a massive believer in cross disciplinary projects I think that little ones find out most effective when carrying out projects that span a number of subjects and engage them each creatively and intellectually.

When we did this project with each other my daughter kept asking me if I knew the liquids wouldn’t mix beforehand. I loved that she asked me to clarify what was taking place!

So, was introducing a tiny science into a project as really hard as you believed it may well be? I hope projects like this will give you the self-confidence to discover a tiny science at property with your little ones regardless of your background. Your little ones will have exciting, believe creatively, and make some observations about the planet!

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