Toilet Paper Roll Menorah

Toilet Paper Roll Menorah – JINZZY

I’m thrilled to share our incredibly 1st menorah craft with you these days. It was so enjoyable and effortless to make, and I believe the benefits are down-ideal adorable.

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Kids can get as inventive as they like transforming their toilet paper rolls into candles for their menorah. We kept ours easy, painting them in vibrant colours and adding the information with a liner brush or colourful washi tape.

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If you want to make your candles fancier, you can decorate them with buttons, craft jewels, sequins, glitter… the sky’s the limit truly.

tp roll menorah with washi tape on windowsill

We created our flames out of tissue paper so they slide in and out of the cardboard tubes quickly. That way, tiny ones can essentially “light” their menorah by adding a flame to one particular of the candles each evening all through Hanukkah.

If older youngsters want a much more realistic seeking flame, they can make these paper circle flames that slide into slits in the prime of the cardboard tube.


cardboard rolls, paint, glue, paintbrushes, washi tape, tissue paper

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  • 8 toilet roll tubes
  • 1 paper towel roll tube (for the helper candle)
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • washi tape
  • tissue paper
  • glue/glue gun

Time necessary: 1 hour.

Cardboard Roll Menorah

  1. Cut helper candle

    Cut a paper towel roll to a height that is slightly taller than the 8 toilet roll tubes.

  2. Paint cardboard tubes

    Paint your cardboard tube “candles” in vibrant colours and let to dry.painted cardboard rolls lined up in a row

  3. Assemble menorah

    Arrange the cardboard tubes in a straight line, putting the tallest tube (the helper candle) in the center. Attach them to every single other with a bit of hot glue.

  4. Add information

    Add colourful information to your tp roll candles applying paint, washi tape, craft jewels, sequins, glitter and so forth. painted cardboard rolls with stripes painted on

  5. Make the flames

    Cut or rip a sheet of tissue paper in half.
    Fold this half piece in half 2 much more instances.
    Lay it flat and pinch it in the center to choose it up.
    Still pinching, use your other hand to collect the excess tissue paper.
    Twist and scrunch to kind the shape of your candle flame.collage how to make tissue paper flame

  6. Light your menorah

    To light your menorah each evening, just tuck a tissue paper flame into the prime of one particular of the toilet paper rolls. putting tissue paper flame in cardboard roll menorah candle

Doesn’t our menorah appear adorable sitting on the windowsill?

What a amazing and protected way for youngsters to understand about and participate in this particular Hanukkah tradition.

painted cardboard roll menorah on windowsill

Keep your eyes on the weblog! We’ll be sharing much more enjoyable and effortless menorah crafts in the coming week!


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