Toddler-Friendly Breakfast Meal Plan

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Feeding your toddler a nutritious meal is not often the easiest point to do! But do not be concerned-we’ve got you covered. Portable, scrumptious, and nutrition-packed recipes to start off the day off suitable- so you can be concerned about how to get that Sharpie off the wall!

Anyone in possession of a toddler knows that they are frequently on the go. That’s why their meals need to have to be deliberate! You have a couple of valuable moments to feed them just before they’ve lost interest and are on to the next point. You want to make positive the meals they DO consume is packed with the nutrition their expanding small bodies need to have. We also like recipes that are transportable and simple for small fingers to hold.

As your small one particular transitions from infant to toddler, it is critical that they get the nutrients they used to get from breast milk or formula from a assortment of distinctive foods. It’s also a excellent notion to start off exposing them to distinctive flavors and textures. This will support assure that you are encouraging adventurous eaters in the future!

Keeping these points in thoughts, we’ve rounded up our favourite toddler-friendly breakfasts -2 weeks worth!- to feed your small munchkins. (Psst.. They also make excellent snacks!)

(Want more breakfast inspiration for the complete family members? Look right here!)

Week #1

Week #2

French toast cut into sticks with a bowl of yogurt and carrots in the background
oatmeal blueberry muffins stacked on a cooling rack
waffle with spinach and bacon served with pears on the side
green pancakes topped with whipped cream and diced fruit pieces

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