The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 19: Battling the Vaping Epidemic Among Students

The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 19: Battling the Vaping Epidemic Among Students

In the 19th episode of The Schoolyard Podcast, host Nancy Chung interviews Marcella Bianco from CATCH Global Foundation and CATCH My Breath, a leading youth nicotine vaping prevention program in the nation.

Marcella Bianco has over 20 years of experience in tobacco prevention and control. Her insights include recognition of the marketing tactics of e-cigarette companies, the covert nature of vaping devices, and the behavioral signs that parents and educators should watch out for in teenagers.

Nancy and Marcella discuss the alarming rise of the vaping epidemic among teenagers. They highlight the importance of understanding the allure of vaping and its consequences on youth health and well-being.

CATCH My Breath

The CATCH My Breath program is a free curriculum provided by the CATCH Global Foundation for middle and high schools to educate students about the dangers of vaping. Success stories from the CATCH My Breath program showcase the positive impact of education and empowerment on students, leading to a decrease in the likelihood of trying e-cigarettes.

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Marcella encourages listeners to visit for resources and support in addressing the complexities of the vaping epidemic among teens and children. She emphasizes the importance of prevention over cessation and empowers parents and teachers to foster open, nonjudgmental dialogues with teenagers about vaping.

Schoolyard Podcast host Nancy Chung interviews Marcella Bianco on the timely topic of the vaping epidemic


How You Can Take Action

  • Visit CATCH My Breath’s website for more information and resources.
  • Reach out to Marcella Bianco at [email protected] for specific questions or support.
  • Stay informed, educate students early, and create a supportive environment

Together, we can mitigate the influence of vaping and empower parents and educators to create healthier environments for teenagers.

marcella bianco

Marcella Bianco, CATCH Global Foundation

Marcella Bianco is the Director of Government Partnerships for CATCH Global Foundation. She previously served as the Program Director for the CATCH My Breath youth e-cigarette prevention program.

Marcella has 20 years of experience working in tobacco prevention and control. Her career in tobacco prevention began in 2005 when she worked for Floridians for Youth Tobacco Education (FYTE) as the South Florida Field Director. Marcella oversaw 13 South Florida counties to ensure requirements were met to pass FYTE (Amendment 4) and restore funding for youth tobacco prevention, including Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), a movement mobilizing youth to stand up and fight against the tobacco industry. Amendment 4 passed in the 2006 election by an almost 70% majority vote and changed Florida’s Constitution. Marcella then worked for the Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County as the Tobacco Prevention Program Manager, mobilizing the community for change in tobacco policy. In 2015, Marcella and her family relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, for an opportunity to work at the Tennessee Department of Health as the state’s Tobacco Prevention Program Director. Through her work experience, Marcella has built relationships with local, state, and national partners to change policy and social norms around tobacco.

Marcella resides in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and enjoys living a healthy, active lifestyle with her family.

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