The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 17: Navigating AI Tools for Teachers

The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 17: Navigating AI Tools for Teachers

In the 17th episode of the Schoolyard Podcast, host Nancy Chung and special guest Emily Anderson Karst delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. Emily, known as @joyfulnoiseteaching on Instagram, shares her insights on integrating AI tools in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

This episode highlights the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education. While some educators may fear job displacement or struggle with ethical concerns, Emily emphasizes the importance of embracing AI as a tool to enhance teaching methodologies and foster critical thinking skills in students.

As an assistant principal, mom, and content creator, Emily has practical tips on how educators can leverage AI technologies to promote genuine critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. By strategically integrating AI tools at different lesson stages, educators can enhance creativity and academic rigor while maintaining a human touch in the learning process.

Schoolyard Podcast host Nancy Chung interviews special guest Emily Anderson Karst

The conversation also touched on the importance of teacher well-being and how AI tools can alleviate administrative burdens, allowing educators to focus on their core teaching responsibilities. By utilizing AI as an assistant to handle routine tasks, teachers can reclaim valuable time and energy for more meaningful interactions with students.

Throughout the episode, Emily highlights some of her favorite AI tools for educators, including Magic School, EduAide, Hello History, Canva Pro, and QuestionWell. These tools offer a range of functionalities, from generating lesson plans to creating interactive learning experiences, empowering educators to enhance their teaching practices with AI technology.

For Emily’s official AI Tools Guide, click HERE

Nancy and Emily discuss the potential future advancements in AI and the impact they could have on education and beyond. From medical breakthroughs to innovative transportation methods, the possibilities of AI continue to expand, offering new opportunities for growth and development in various fields.

This episode provides valuable insights into the evolving role of AI in education and the importance of embracing technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. By leveraging AI tools effectively, educators can empower students to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and adaptability in an increasingly digital world.

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on education and technology in future episodes of the Schoolyard Podcast!

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Emily Anderson Karst, also known as @joyfulnoiseteaching, is an assistant principal, mom, and content creator seeking to make teachers’ lives more joyful through sharing lifestyle tips and life hacks. She hopes to uplift teachers and connect the community she’s built on her platforms of moms, educators, and women.

Teacher tech and teacher lifestyle is kind of Emily’s thing. She shares the most recent tips, tools, and tricks to help teachers enhance their practice and LOVE their jobs.

Emily went viral on Tiktok and experienced huge Instagram growth by sharing teacher tips, education technology hacks, and teacher lifestyle content. She started her social media accounts and Teachers Pay Teachers store in late 2020 and has been honored to work with some incredible brands and education companies.

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