The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 15: Empowering Youth Through Career Tech Ed (CTE)

The Schoolyard Podcast Episode 15: Empowering Youth Through Career Tech Ed (CTE)

In the 15th episode of The Schoolyard Podcast, host Nancy Chung interviews Henri Crockett, co-founder and president of the Crockett Foundation. The Crockett Foundation is a South Florida-based nonprofit organization that aims to build character, develop leaders, and improve the community one child at a time through educational programs.

Henri Crockett, Life and Legacy

Henri Crockett, a former NFL player, shares his personal journey and how it inspired him to give back to his community. Growing up in an underserved neighborhood, Crockett credits his mentors for exposing him to different careers and opportunities that helped him succeed. He wanted to pay it forward and provide the same opportunities to other children.

The Crockett Foundation

The Crockett Foundation is dedicated to empowering youth through education. They focus on career and technical education (CTE) to help students explore their passions and develop lifelong skills.

The foundation offers programs that teach coding and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) concepts to spark curiosity and creativity in students and ensure they’re prepared for the ever-changing job market. By exposing them to various careers and providing hands-on experiences, the foundation aims to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

By providing opportunities, mentorship, and support, they are helping students realize their potential and achieve their goals. The impact of the foundation’s work extends beyond the individual students to positively influence their families and communities.

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Crockett Scholars

One of the foundation’s initiatives is the Crockett Scholars program, which provides full scholarships to high school students. The program also offers guidance on college applications, financial aid, and career readiness. The goal is to level the playing field for underserved students and ensure they have the support and resources to pursue higher education.

Through the Crockett Foundation, Henry Crockett and his team have witnessed numerous success stories. From helping students overcome barriers to education to seeing them graduate college and pursue their dreams, the impact of their work is evident.

Tag! You’re It!

The episode concludes with a question from a listener, asking what advice Henri Crockett would give to his younger self. He reflects on the importance of discipline and perseverance, drawing inspiration from his mother’s work ethic. He encourages students to approach challenges with a positive mindset and do the necessary things they dislike with the same enthusiasm as what they love.

To learn more about the Crockett Foundation and its programs, visit the website at and follow their social media at the links below.

Henri Crockett is the co-founder and president of the Crockett Foundation, a South Florida-based non-profit organization that serves youth through educational programs with the mission to help build character, develop leaders, and improve the community, one child at a time.

A native of Pompano Beach, Florida, Crockett earned an athletic scholarship to Florida State University. In 1997, he was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the 4th round of the NFL draft. He played for seven seasons, five with the Falcons and two with the Minnesota Vikings. He was a starter for the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

In Atlanta, Crockett founded Team 94, a non-profit organization that assisted at-risk youth with after-school tutoring and mentoring in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Crockett was so inspired by the progress and achievements of the youth enrolled in Team 94 that he sought to expand his philanthropic reach.

After being traded to Minnesota, Crockett co-founded the Crockett Foundation with his brother Zack. In 2009, Crockett created the annual Crockett Foundation Community Health Festival, bringing the residents of Broward County together as families to prepare for the back to school season.

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