The Importance of a Daily Yoga Practice

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My youngest daughter is fond of saying: “If you want to be a runner, you have to run; and if you want to be a weightlifter, you have to lift weights.” A runner, she knows that the only way she is going to boost on her race time is to run. Her no-nonsense attitude toward operating serves for me as a reminder of the spirit and value of a day-to-day yoga practice.

Why practice yoga day-to-day?

Daily yoga practice is a commitment to oneself and to your personal development. A day-to-day practice is necessary to aid us keep physically match, mentally balanced, spiritually connected, and emotionally powerful. It is a uncomplicated, accessible, and economical practice that can be completed virtually anyplace. It does not have to be extended or difficult, even if you only have 15 minutes per day, it will nonetheless advantage your body, thoughts and spirit.

The Yoga Sutras (1.14) teach us that to turn out to be firmly established in our practice, we need to attend to it for a extended time, with out interruption, with an attitude of devotion and service, and a complete heart. When we practice day-to-day, we develop a effective foundation and clear consideration to progress along the path towards enlightenment.

The challenge of day-to-day practice

Students generally come to yoga filled with enthusiasm. They invest in yoga mats and athletic put on they sign up for classes and declare they now “do yoga.” As they immerse themselves in their practice, they start to come face to face with their ego, their fears, frustrations and anger that they cannot touch their nose to knees. Bodies extended conditioned to a state of numbness respond with discomfort as below-utilized muscle tissues are summoned to the work they have extended leveled on joints. Egos endure as yogis appear about the space comparing themselves to sophisticated students.

Many cease coming to class and at some point quit. But it is at that juncture exactly where we meet our obstacles and excuses that the accurate challenge of our practice starts.

The rewards of carrying out yoga every day

We will not transform our practice—nor, in turn, our practice transform our lives—if we do not practice consistently. The more we practice, the deeper we delve into our prospective, our accurate selves.

What takes place if you practice yoga just about every day? A day-to-day practice empowers us with the spiritual self-confidence gained from progressing by way of the asanas and breaking by way of mental, physical, and emotional obstacles. A day-to-day practice cultivates the attitude that by way of patience and compassion, not brute strength, we can achieve just about something on and off our mats. A day-to-day yoga practice has quite a few fantastic rewards! It aids preserve us grounded, centered, balanced, versatile, powerful, calm, clear-headed, focused, relaxed, delighted, healthful, and no cost from strain and anxiousness. In other words, it keeps us sane!

How significantly yoga is adequate?

In his book Yoga Beyond Belief, Ganga White responds to students who ask the age-old query: How extended will it take? How extended will it take just before I master the yoga postures? White’s response: It will take the rest of your life.

Yoga is not a location. It’s a journey. Mastery of the asanas is not the target of the practice, it is the outcome of it. Pattabhi Jois mentioned, “Yoga is one percent theory; the rest is practice.” The sage Patanjali did not prescribe a period of time needed to reach mastery. He taught that by way of abhyasa, continuous and determined work, and vairagya, non-attachment and freedom from need, we can establish a firm foundation in our practice. That is counter to the way quite a few of us live our lives: we want immediate gratification. A lifetime of practice? That’s way as well extended for quite a few of us.

But we need to practice vairagya and let go of our attachment to the target. We need to method our practice with tapas—the zeal and willpower—to sustain a practice more than a lifetime. Along that journey, we see yoga reflecting back on our lives. We find out that what we do on the mat is what we do off the mat. Our attitude as we method a difficult pose is a reflection of how we live our lives.

How to commence a day-to-day yoga practice

Many folks struggle with how to start a day-to-day practice. It’s uncomplicated to really feel overwhelmed by the believed of attempting to match in a new activity into your life and day-to-day routine. Here are eight suggestions to aid you get began:

  1. Set a time. I suggest setting aside time every day to do a quick yoga routine. Examine your day-to-day routine to come across the most perfect time to take time for self care. Set up reminders on your telephone to remind you to practice.
  2. Start smaller. Committing to a quick practice will make it significantly more most likely to achieve just about every day. It can be as uncomplicated as 5 minutes of sun salutations or a few beginner yoga poses, followed by some pranayama (breathing workouts), and ending with a couple of minutes of meditation. You do not have to devote hours on your mat just commence smaller and create from there.
  3. Choose an suitable level. Make positive the yoga classes you commit to are of the appropriate length and intensity for your capacity and dedication. If you bite off as well significantly at after, you may well come across oneself feeling frustrated and discouraged. Also, take into consideration irrespective of whether you have to have more guidance than what they present in class. Many teachers present private lessons so they can work closely with their students to make certain they obtain correct instruction.
  4. Find a yoga teacher who inspires you. Find an individual whose teaching style resonates with you, and whose classes are difficult adequate to push you to new heights. Ask buddies or household members about who their preferred yoga instructor is. If you do not have access to a teacher, there are tons of fantastic on the web yoga classes to practice with.
  5. Do what feels proper. Don’t be concerned so significantly about irrespective of whether a yoga asana “looks” excellent. Just do what ever operates for your body. Some days I’ll commence my morning off with a couple of sun salutations just before breakfast. Other occasions, I could possibly just sit quietly and breathe deeply. Whatever tends to make sense to you is fine.
  6. Take it off the mat. You can commence a day-to-day practice anyplace, anytime, by basically taking a moment to slow down and listen intently to what’s taking place inside and about you. Remember that yoga is not usually physical. In reality, quite a few types of yoga emphasize mental discipline and self-awareness. When you are in site visitors, take a couple of moments to breathe deeply and focus on your breath. If you are walking to the grocery retailer, pause to notice the sensations in your feet, the air on your skin, the touch of the sidewalk beneath your feet. Look for any spare moments to pause, breathe deeply and bring awareness to your body. Find possibilities to move into a posture—like taking 3 deep breaths in Tree Pose while waiting for your morning coffee to brew.
  7. Be patient. There may well come a point when you come across oneself struggling to keep constant with your practice. This takes place due to the fact you are mastering more than you anticipated. When this happens, try to remember that patience is essential. Keep reminding oneself why you decided to commit to typical yoga practice in the very first location. Like something else, the encounter and rewards of yoga and meditation deepen with practice.
  8. Keep at it. The most essential factor to preserve in thoughts is that consistency is necessary if you want to see benefits. The greatest way to retain consistency more than time is to make it component of your life-style. Schedule a particular time throughout which you will meditate or execute a yoga pose. And if you miss one particular day, do not beat oneself up! Simply choose back up exactly where you left off next week. As extended as you continue practicing consistently, you will boost more than time.

Do you have a day-to-day yoga practice? What challenges have you faced or overcome by way of this practice? What rewards have you knowledgeable by practicing just about every day?

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