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The most effective art supplies for toddlers with our attempted and accurate suggestions. Visit The Artful Parent Amazon shop for even more toddler art supplies! Original post by Jean Van’t Hul with updates by Rachel Withers .

Updated May 2021

Are you seeking for the most effective art supplies for toddlers? As a parent it can really feel overwhelming being aware of exactly where to commence and what art supplies you seriously have to have for this stage.

These are The Artful Parent’s top rated suggestions for toddler art supplies, the ones that we’ve applied with our personal youngsters and at art classes more than and more than once again. It goes with out saying, that the art supplies have to be tough and vibrant (the latter delivers a satisfying art practical experience for young youngsters).

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Toddler Art Materials

Kwik Stix tempera paint sticks

1. Kwik Stix tempera paint sticks

Kwik Stix are great for toddlers and come with our most enthusiastic recommendation. Tempera paint sticks are encased in a plastic case. They glide on smoothly with tiny stress and the colour is SO vibrant. These work excellent on paper and cardboard and are a amazing quick painting alternative.

liquid watercolors

4. Colorations Liquid Watercolors

Because they are just beautiful and vibrant. The conventional watercolor cakes are not best for toddlers liquid watercolors are simpler for them to use. These are lengthy lasting and beneficial for a assortment of art and science activities.

white squeeze glue

5. Squeeze glue

Yes, toddlers will squeeze and squeeze till there is a puddle of glue on their cardboard or paper. BUT they will have so significantly exciting undertaking it, and the glue is so inexpensive, that it is one hundred% worth it.

And try to remember, this is also a very good hand-strengthening workout that aids make fine motor capabilities. If the standard size squeeze bottle is complicated for your youngster to squeeze, attempt a mini bottle.

faber-castell gel crayons

6. Faber Castell Gel Crayons

These are someplace amongst a normal crayon and an oil pastel in hardness and come in a challenging plastic case generating them quick to grip. Just twist up the pastel as you have to have more. The neon version is in particular vibrant and colorful!

colorations finger paint

7. Colorations Washable Finger Paintimage 5589172 10651292 — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

Kids can use tempera paint with their fingers, but finger paint has the ideal smooth texture for smearing about on paper and it stays moist for significantly longer.

oil pastels

8. Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are simpler for toddlers to make vibrant marks and make a good crayon substitute. A group favored is Crayola’s neon oil pastel which are lengthy lasting and vibrant.

toddler art materials chalk

9. Chalk

We enjoy Crayola sidewalk chalk––the colors are so vibrant and seriously show up on the pavement!

If you do not have a chalkboard, you can use chalkboard paint on a wall or basically obtain a chalkboard wall decal.

art materials kinetic sand

10. Kinetic Sand

One of the art supplies most regularly requested by our youngsters, it is excellent to touch and play with on its personal. Or add in some tiny plastic toys or resin shapes. My toddler is mesmerized by kinetic sand and loves sifting it and watching it gradually move.

art supplies markers

11. Washable markers

Washable markers like the tiny Crayola Pip-Squeaks, despite the fact that my youngsters each loved the regular-sized markers as nicely when they had been toddlers. We retain our markers in a marker holder as a toddler-friendly way to retain track of lids and markers.

toddler crayons

A note about crayons…

Crayons are not at the top rated of our list for toddlers due to the hand strength and stress necessary to realize vibrant marks.

But there are a couple of brands that we hugely propose for youngsters. We enjoy the Brilliant Bee crayons. And Faber-Castell Beeswax crayons in a carry case are exceptional.

Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons are created from one hundred% pure beeswax and are protected for toddlers. They are non-toxic, have a chubby shape that is quick for young youngsters to grip, and are practically unbreakable.

Toddler Art Tools for Success

Favorite Toddler Craft Supplies

Here are a couple of other toddler art supplies you may well want to have on hand for a rainy day.

Paper for kids art

1. Paper

Paper rolls can be applied with an easel or laid out on the floor for major drawing activities. We also propose brown butcher’s paper or white paper) to work major.

If you do not have an easel, then roll out a length of paper on the floor or reduce a major piece to tape onto the back of a door. For more paper suggestions see Choosing Paper for Children’s Art.

dot stickers for art supplies

2. Dot Stickers

These are exciting for building collage art and are specifically quick for toddlers to peel and stick onto paper.

pom poms and pipe cleaners

3. Pom poms &amp pipe cleaners

Pom poms are excellent in sensory play bins or for collage projects (when your toddler is squeezing all that glue). Pipe cleaners make an quick sculpture material to manipulate.

stamps and stamp pad

4. Stamps &amp Stamp Pad

Con-Tact paper

Melissa &amp Doug’s big stamps and stamp pad are a exciting and quick art activity to set up for toddlers.

5. Con-Tact Paper

Use Con-tact paper for quick nature collage art or suncatcher art for youngsters. There are so numerous strategies to use this!

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Toddler Art Ideas &amp Resources

The Artful Parent Amazon shop is filled with our top rated suggestions for youngsters art supplies and an whole board for art materials for toddlers.

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