The Best Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) Videos on Youtube

The Best Sun Salutation Videos on Youtube — Yoga & Meditation

The Sun Salutations are the most well-liked asana sequences in yoga. It is a series of postures developed to warm the body, enable to strengthen your muscle tissues, increase flexibility, improve power levels even though maintaining you calm and focused on your breath. The Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskars, are a single of the very best yogic practices to study and master. We have compiled the very best no cost surya namaskar videos for novices and knowledgeable yogis from YouTube. We have grouped these videos into two sections—the very first will clarify the class version, the second focuses on versions A and B. These YouTube videos will clarify and teach you how to do these poses properly, even though offering modifications and recommendations for novices.

What are the diverse varieties of sun salutations?

There are 3 major variations of Sun Salutations. They all include a core set of movements and are sequenced similarity but they differ slightly primarily based on the tradition, quantity of postures, and intensity of practice. Each variation has its personal positive aspects, and these positive aspects also adjust primarily based on the pace that a single practices the sun salutation. Many vinyasa or flow yoga teachers will mix in inventive modifications and add other poses into the following variations of sun salutations.

  1. Classic Sun Salutation — This version includes 12 poses and is very best for novices. You will discover slightly diverse versions taught based on the college or tradition. Instructors ordinarily lead this version at a slower pace, holding each and every pose for a handful of breaths. The classic series is ordinarily practiced in sets of two, switching which leg is stepping forward and back in the lunges.
  2. Ashtanga Vinyasa Sun Salutation A — This version is comparable to the classic sun salutation, but it includes 11 movements with more difficult poses and transitions. Version A incorporates plank to chantaranga push up movement that calls for a superior quantity of upper body strength to be performed properly. This is the most well-liked variation, so it is the very best a single to study if you strategy on going to a yoga studio or taking on-line classes.
  3. Ashtanga Vinyasa Sun Salutation B — This version is longer and more intense than Series A, and really should only be attempted just after some encounter with practicing the prior series. The addition of Chair pose and Warrior 1 builds added strength in the legs. Both A and B versions are intended to be performed with each and every movement linked to each and every inhale or exhale.

Usually a single or more sun salutations are incorporated into a yoga class, but they can be practiced by themselves for a shorter session. If you practice them on a regular basis, you will immediately be in a position to memorize the movements and notice an improvement in each physical fitness and mental clarity.

Classic sun salutation videos

How to Do the Sun Salutation by Sivanandacanada

The Traditional Surya Namaskar is the only version taught in a Sivananda yoga class. This fast 1 minute video only instructs a single side—it is advised to two rounds to lead each and every with a diverse leg—so this is very best applied if you want a fast overview of the classic version.

Traditional Sun Salutation by Hollie Wakeham

Filmed against a gorgeous backdrop, this 10-minute video is very best for novices. The very first two rounds are taught gradually, with detailed directions and modifications for new students and these with challenges with strength and flexibility. The final two rounds are the complete regular salutations.

Traditional Sun Salutation by Yoga With Lena

In this 8-minute video you will study the movements for the regular sun salutation with the breath. The class starts with a half sun salutation and continues with 4 repetitions of the complete classic sun salutation.

Sun Salutation A and B videos

Sun Salutation a Flow for Beginners by YogiApproved

Yoga teacher Ashton August breaks down the nuances of body alignment and explains how to hyperlink breath with the movements of the Sun Salutation. This 13-minute newbie class starts with an explanation of the positive aspects of the sequence and then moves into a step-by-step explanation of each and every asana.

How To Do Sun Salutation A, The Right Way by Well+Good

Yoga instructor Tess Koenig explains and demonstrates popular errors students make when practicing sun salutations. While this is a bit dramatic, it clearly illustrates how you really should not be practicing these poses. Afterwards, she leads the sequence the appropriate way with detailed cues, modifications and variations.

Sun Salutation A Steps (Surya Namaskar) Tutorial by Yoga Screen

This 3-minute video begins with a short explanation of Surya Namaskar and continues with a clear and detailed explanation of each and every step in the sequence. The close-up shots of the transition and modifications are particularly valuable for novices.

How To: Sun Salutation A with Caley Alyssa

In this tutorial, Caley will guide you by way of the important elements of the A Series of Sun Salutations and her recommendations and modifications for each and every pose. 7-Minute instructional Sun Salutation A class

Sun Salutations Flow You Can Practice Every Day by Rituals Cosmetics Global

This 13-minute class combines 5 regular and 5 Series A sun salutations in a row. The movements are synced with the breath, so novices may possibly discover it to be as well quickly to comfortably adhere to along, but this is a wonderful energizing and strengthening class for more sophisticated yogis.

Sun Salutation A, Technique &amp Modifications by Cat Meffan

Geared towards novices, this 24-minute class starts with a brief warm up and continues with detailed instruction on the strategies, foundations and modifications of Sun Salutation A. The video ends with 3 sun salutations taught even though moving with the breath in each and every pose.

Sun Salutation B by Yoga With Adriene

In this 9-minute class Adriene requires us by way of each and every asana in this sequence, offering variations and detailed directions. This is a wonderful video for novices or for yogis wanting a slow flow by way of this difficult sequence. A second round of Sun Salutation B is instructed in silence.

How To: Sun Salutation B with Caitlin Turner by Alo Yoga

This 5-minute Sun Salutation B tutorial is a wonderful introduction for novices. Follow along with this class to study how to use Sun Salutation B as a base for a robust yoga practice.

Sun Salutations A and B with Kino

This 26-minute class delivers a wonderful overview of the Ashtanga Sun Salutations. Kino teaches the regular Vinyasa Count for each Sun Salutation A and B and delivers clear and detailed modifications and instruction to make these sequences accessible and approachable regardless of your existing level of physical capability.

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