Stress is Touching Every Area of My Life

Stress is Touching Every Area of My Life

I’ve been on oral steroids for my now designated as serious and persistent asthma for more than two months.  They’re creating me insane.  Mood swings, racing thoughts, insomnia and I’m consuming non-quit.  Luckily I do not hold junk meals in the residence.  Except I’ve discovered these outrageous one hundred calorie frozen yogurt bars to which I’ve turn out to be addicted. But they are wickedly costly.

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Anyway, I digress. See what I’m speaking about? I was up for hours early this morning, when most of the planet was sleeping. I was working on a idea for a YouTube channel.  Now, it is 8:30 AM and I can barely hold my eyes open.  It does not assistance that my rescue dog Shelby is conked out next to me and snoring like she has sleep apnea. I’m jealous.

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I ultimately produced the connection – much better late than by no means, as they say – that this most recent flare of asthma that will not look to calm down began as I started hunting for a new job.  It was time. The predicament had turn out to be untenable. Right immediately after I began looking, I fell and fractured my wrist.  Due to my osteoporosis, healing has been slow. I’m having specialized hand and wrist occupational therapy and each the therapist and the orthopedist are pleased with my progress.

My post final week was about anticipatory anxiousness.  I was waiting for an answer about acceptance to a mental overall health begin-up boot camp. I was accepted, by the way!  But I’m nonetheless getting a lot of anxiousness about the job search.  Will I get an interview? Will I get the job? And the course of action is dragging out.

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Every time I even consider about it, I really feel as even though I’m on the verge of a panic attack. What does the job spend? Will I be in a position to assistance myself (and Shelby)? What sort of insurance coverage do they have? I’m beginning to hyperventilate as I create this and have to calm myself down with deep breathing. My favourite way is with a GIF that has a dot that gets bigger and smaller sized and I comply with it with my breath.

That’s in fact my second favourite way to ease my anxiousness. My very first favourite way is to play with my rescue dog Shelby.  

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Source: © Andrea Rosenhaft

She loves a great belly rub and is so appreciative.  And I like providing her 1. But if I’m outdoors my apartment, she’s not usually offered.  I can access the GIF on my telephone.

I comprehend in a couple of months, a lot of these inquiries will be resolved. I hope I get the resolution I’m hunting for. I’m not 1-hundred % certain I’m right about the connection involving the serious uptick in my asthma symptoms and my tension and I’m not 1-hundred % certain when almost everything settles down, my asthma will settle down. I hope I can get off these damn steroids after and for all.

At the starting of the year, when I had a verify-in with my former psychiatrist Dr. Lev, she was concerned about me becoming steroid dependent. I hope that has not turn out to be the case. Only time will inform as I attempt to taper down and off. Again.

Maybe, without the need of the stressful atmosphere as the backdrop.

One day at a time. I hate to say it, but back to my father when I was thirteen and his AA platitudes. They’ve been about forever for a purpose.

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Source: © Andrea Rosenhaft

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