Sticker Art Collages for Toddlers

Sticker Art Collages for Toddlers

These entertaining sticker activities for toddlers are assured to retain your toddler entertained with effortless, mess no cost art.

Updated April 2022

The next time you spot stickers at the shop, grab them! Whether they are dot stickers, hole punch reinforcement stickers, labels, or slightly more fancy stickers, your toddler will have a blast with them. Trust us.

This basic sticker art invitation is excellent for tiny hands and tiny interest spans. And it calls for pretty tiny preparation.

Simply give your kid a piece of paper and a assortment of stickers and let them go. They’ll get suitable to it and have a blast sticking stickers on all more than the paper. And if they’re something like our youngsters, they will not have to have any path!

Sticker Art Collages for Toddlers

Some stickers you may possibly want to attempt are:

A Sticker Club Subscription

You can also choose up any random stickers from the dollar shop to retain on hand. But you may possibly contemplate a sticker club subscription, which tends to make a terrific art present the entire year extended. We’ve belonged to sticker clubs each with Mrs. Grossman’s and Pipsticks and we can attest to how entertaining it is to get an envelope complete of stickers every single month!

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sticker picture
Photo by Andrea Martelle

A entertaining variation on sticker collages is to set out a assortment of image stickers and have your kid use them to build their personal scene. They can add particulars with markers and the completed outcome is entertaining and colorful.

sticker art collages
Photo by Rachel Withers

You can also use black paper and white or metallic stickers for a entertaining contrast!

Sticker art collages are entertaining and engrossing for youngsters of all ages, but specially the younger artists!

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Sticker Art Activities for Toddlers

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