Splat Painting: Easy and Fun Action Art for Children

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Splat painting is effortless peasy and super entertaining for active children. This straightforward action art activity includes hitting paint-soaked cotton balls with a modest mallet.

splat painting

Updated June 2021

Splat painting is entertaining, entertaining, entertaining.

There are distinctive methods to do this action art activity, but the way we’ve performed splat painting with children couldn’t be easier, or more entertaining!

  • Dip cotton balls in paint.
  • Place paint-soaked cotton ball on paper.
  • Hit it with a modest wooden mallet.

And watch as paint splats and splatters out of the cotton ball.

Painting with Kids in Action

Easy peasy and super entertaining for active children!

Here’s a short video displaying splat painting in action. And then preserve scrolling for a swift tutorial.

Splat Painting – Action Art for Kids

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*Make your personal by hot-gluing a big wood bead to the finish of a wooden dowel as we did. Or use a drumstick or the mallet that comes with a xylophone set or a pounding toy. You can also use a spoon!


  1. Set up for splat painting

    As you can picture, splat painting is a tad messy and is a fantastic outside art activity. A challenging surface operates very best, as you will be pounding with a mallet. We set up a modest kids’ table in the backyard, but you could also do this on a sidewalk or driveway.

    To set up, we place liquid watercolor paint in modest cups and watered it down. You could also use meals coloring or even tempera paint.

    We also taped down the corners of watercolor paper to hold it in spot as the children pounded and the paint splatted.

    child at table to splat paint

  2. Dip cotton balls in paint

    You can do them a single at a time, as you are going to use the cotton ball. Or you place a cotton ball into every paint cup to soak at the very same time.

    materials for splat painting

  3. Place paint-soaked cotton ball on paper

    You can transfer the cotton balls from paint cups to paper with a spoon, tongs, or fingers.

    Splat Painting with Kids with Paint-Soaked Cotton Balls

  4. Hit it with a modest wooden mallet

    And watch as paint splats and splatters out of the cotton ball. The children got such a thrill out of watching the trajectory of the paint splatters. Plus, of course, they loved pounding the cotton balls with their tiny wooden mallets.

    yellow and blue splat painting

  5. Repeat!

    Remove the cotton ball with a spoon, fingers, or tongs…

    Splat Painting with Kids - Placing Paint-Soaked Cotton Ball on Paper

    …and repeat with more colors and more balls as preferred.

    Splat Painting with Kids - Pounding with a Wood Mallet

If your children are hunting for more possibilities to get messy, attempt these Splat Painting suggestions, as well!

Painting with watercolors and spoon

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Splat Painting: Fun Action Art for Kids

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