Siblings Responsibility & Care.

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I know every single new mother goes through these every day, the everyday fighting between their children. My experience will tell you how I managed & worked on my children’s (Zahaan & Aanya’s) day-to-day fight and tried to improve.

But frankly saying whatever you do, if the siblings do not fight then how was their childhood because it’ll remind them when they grow up.

I have 2 children Aanya & Zahaan. Zahaan is my Elder son and Aanya is my younger daughter. As a big brother, there are some responsibilities that my son has to follow but on the other side, he is too naughty as well. So, it was very difficult to manage his monkey tricks with Aanya.

Explaining responsibility and care to an Elder child regarding their Younger sibling is important to foster a sense of empathy, understanding, and cooperation within the family.

Siblings — Kids, Parenting, Uncategorized kids, siblings, Siblings love

You can follow the below tips which I learned from my lessons…

Choose the Right Time:
Find a quiet and comfortable environment where you can have an uninterrupted conversation with your older child. Make sure both of you are relaxed and focused.

Emphasize the Importance:
Start by explaining why responsibility and care are essential when it comes to younger siblings. Talk about how the older child can make a positive impact on their sibling’s life by being a role model and offering support.

Age-Appropriate Language:
Tailor your explanation to the older child’s age and understanding. Use words and concepts they can relate to and grasp easily.

Highlight the Bond:
Emphasize the unique bond between siblings and how they can be each other’s best friends, protectors, and confidants.

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Use Real-Life Examples:
Share some examples from your own experiences or stories of siblings taking care of each other, showing responsibility, and helping one another.

Identify Specific Responsibilities:
Discuss specific tasks or actions that the older child can take to show care and responsibility. These could include playing with the younger sibling, helping with small tasks, offering comfort when the younger one is upset, and being mindful of their needs.

Encourage Patience:
Remind the older child that their younger sibling is still learning and growing, and they might need patience and understanding during certain situations.

Involve Them in Decision-Making:
Let your older child have some say in certain activities or choices involving their younger sibling, like what game to play or what story to read together. This involvement fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility.

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Praise and Positive Reinforcement:
Recognize and praise the older child when they show responsibility and care towards their sibling. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in encouraging positive behavior.

Address Concerns and Feelings:
Encourage the older child to express any concerns or emotions they might have about their role as a big brother/sister. Address their feelings with empathy and reassurance.

Lead by Example:
Be a role model yourself by showing love, care, and responsibility towards both your children. Children often learn best by observing their parents’ behavior.

Monitor and Support:
Initially, observe how the older child interacts with their younger sibling, and offer guidance and support when needed. Be patient with both of them as they navigate their roles in the sibling dynamic.

Remember, building a strong bond between siblings takes time and effort, and it’s normal to encounter challenges along the way. Encourage communication and cooperation between your children, and they will gradually learn to cherish and support each other.

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