Seize Today, Transform Tomorrow: Back to School Planning Starts Now

Seize Today, Transform Tomorrow: Back to School Planning Starts Now

Fall seems so far away, doesn’t it? The groundhog is barely back in its burrow, surely concerned about our fascination with its shadow, and here we are talking about the end of summer and the start of the next school year. But just like you wisely advise your students to plan ahead, the Schoolyard is here to nudge you towards seizing today so you and your students can transform tomorrow! Jumpstart your back to school planning with these new additions from some of our favorite brands.

Early Childhood from Childraft®

Our Childcraft brand is brimming with everything from furniture to manipulatives. This versatile selection covers a wide array of needs for early childhood classrooms, including tools for social emotional learning (SEL) and family engagement.

Check out these bright new finds from Childcraft!

Furniture from Classroom Select®

How classrooms and schools use space has been shown time and again to have an impact on student outcomes. Because of that, Classroom Select continues to add flexible seating and unique furniture options that give students the best opportunities based on the latest research. There’s no better time to start planning dynamic learning environments that foster collaboration and active learning.

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Some of our latest favs from Classroom Select!

Supplies from School Smart®

Teachers return to quality School Smart supplies every year to replenish and repeat. But it’s so much more! We’re always introducing new supplies, but only after they meet our standards and we’re sure they’ll stand up to the rigors of your learning environment.

We’ve got recent School Smart additions!

We know planning can be overwhelming. That’s why School Specialty is constantly developing new ways to make it easier for you to manage your classroom. Soon as you finalize those budgets, take advantage of our School Specialty 360s. Designed by experts, these guides are here to assist you with fulfilling the unique needs of your classroom. Start your back to school planning now and let us help, so you can focus on doing what you do best… Teach!

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