School Specialty’s Continued Commitment to Sustainability and Engaging Employees, Students, and Customers on Their Green Journey

SSL GBB Platinum — Health, Kids

School Specialty, LLC has lately accomplished Platinum status with the Green Business Bureau.

The business joined the GBB in 2019 and has leveraged the platform and apps to handle their sustainability initiatives and track their progress. School Specialty, LLC completed adequate initiatives to attain 400 EcoPoints™ to earn the GBB Platinum Seal. The business is committed to safeguarding the atmosphere, engaging personnel and shoppers in their sustainability efforts, and saving cash via more effective operations. They continue to make use of the GBB framework and on line tools to turn out to be greener and meet their sustainability ambitions.

School Specialty was hunting for an chance to take compact measures towards becoming a more environmentally friendly organization for each shoppers and personnel.  As a distributor of very consumable solutions, it was critical for them to appear internally at what they could, and really should, be carrying out to minimize their substantial footprint.

Some of the activities which helped School Specialty obtain Platinum status toward green certification was the creation Green Teams all through the business which served as the initial supporters of greening the organization, enlisting and informing all personnel of essential activities, assessing exactly where the organization was at in terms of green efforts and building applications exactly where personnel can engage in green activities.

Low Effort, High Impact Green Initiatives

Like lots of organizations, School Specialty and their Project Green Teams initially focused on low-hanging fruit when the system initial began. Putting focus on modifications that consist of recycling of paper, adding low water flow censors, altering out paper cups in the cafeterias to ceramic, making sure that all cleaning supplies are green. After a bit of time the teams have began to tackle some of the extended-term ambitions that consist of:

  • Implementing virtual workplace spaces
  • Utilizing productivity tools like Microsoft Teams for meetings to minimize travel and the carbon footprint
  • Replacing employee water coolers with zero bottle coolers
  • Upgrading workplace lighting to LED
  • Working to make workplace and distribution spaces Zero Waste

“We are proud of accomplishing Platinum status with the Green Business Bureau and continue our commitment to create a more sustainable environment for both our employees and customers,” says Stacey Rubin, Senior Vice President of Marketing for School Specialty. “The elevated Platinum status with the GBB aligns well with our vision of Transforming More than Classrooms, and we are excited to have GBB as a valued partner with us on this journey.” 

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