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Mind and movement mentor Richie Norton joins Happiful’s podcast to speak about the kindness rebound, breathwork, yoga and lifting your vibe.

Richie Norton is sitting on the floor of his house, cross-legged and beaming into the laptop screen. Our podcast recording is a remote a single, but I can really feel the positivity coming off him in waves as we commence our conversation, and it really is infectious.

In his forty years of existence, Richie says he has changed and discovered a lot. Once a rugby player who experienced injury, problems with alcohol use and a healthcare situation that looked set to finish his life prematurely, he’s now a globe-renowned yoga and breathwork teacher, runs the Vibe Tribe, coaches on the Fiit app and a lot, a lot more.

Richie explains that he feels as although he’s lived by way of a quantity of lifetimes – or chapters – currently, and is nonetheless continuing to develop and evolve. Now he’s on a continual mission to assist other people by sharing the remarkable approaches he’s accumulated along the way.

His package of each day and sensible wisdom for the thoughts and body comes in the kind of a gorgeous book, Lift Your Vibe: Eat, breathe and flow to sleep better, find peace and live your best life.

Here’s some of what Richie has to share…


Richie had a difficult time rehabilitating from his rugby injuries and dealing with the uncertainty of what lay ahead for him when his sporting profession ended. “It took me to a very low point in my life, which I can now talk about as a mental health challenge,” he explains. “I wasn’t able to understand what was going on with my mind and all of the emotions that went along with that.”

However, help and transform came in the kind of a distinct type of movement and practise.”It all came from going on my journey with yoga,” Richie says smiling. “I realised how powerful it is for your physical body but even more so for your mental health. I learned about breathwork and started to understand how powerful it is to apply these little tools in my life, and how much of an impact they have in a positive way.”

Richie is keen to impress upon everybody that yoga seriously is for all persons and body forms, and acknowledges that he previously believed yoga wasn’t for him. “I was that particular person, I did not want to do yoga! I did not want to be ‘spiritual’ or ‘mindful’, I’d positioned myself as somebody who was working on my overall health. I did not assume yoga was for me.

“It took a really great teacher to talk to me in a way that made it easy for me to connect with. It was the feeling I got when I practised that I grabbed ahold of.”


“It’s important to share with people that aren’t aware of what it’s all about that you’re breathing right now!” Richie says expanding upon the topic. “Breathing is our lifeline, we’re doing it all day, so why not make it work for you and why not make it better? Breathwork can be a tool that you use all day.”

Richie explains how he learnt to handle his pressure by way of breathwork and subsequently took action and handle of his physical and mental states utilizing this practice.

“Just try it!” He shares enthusiastically. “Just by bringing attention to your breathing. Recognise right now, you’re breathing. How are you feeling? Do you want to slow it down to bring more calm, or speed it up to bring more energy? It’s so incredible what breathwork can do for us.”

The kindness rebound

“When we receive kindness in any form, we tend to feel good,” Richie says. “In that process when we’re the person providing that kindness, without expecting anything in return, it feels good because you see the impact upon the other person – they smile. I think of this as the ‘kindness rebound”. Being type is a seriously fantastic way to guide your day – and it fees practically nothing.”

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Lift Your Vibe: Eat, breathe and flow to sleep better, find peace and live your best life, published by Penguin Life, is readily available now

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