Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Craft with Cotton Balls

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Craft with Cotton Balls –  JINZZY

Ok! One extra effortless and adorable pumpkin pie craft ahead of Thanksgiving!

Last week we created this pumpkin pie with scented paint and cotton balls or pom poms for the whipped topping, and this pumpkin pie with homemade puffy paint whipped topping.

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two-Ingredient Puffy Paint

Today, we’re working with the homemade puffy paint once again (it is shaving cream and white glue), but this time, we’re working with it for the filling of the pie.

Now, I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t finish up getting puffier, like it did when we applied it for the whipped cream for our other pie craft, but what I Like is that the texture of the paint appears so a lot like genuine pumpkin pie filling.

close up pumpkin pie with puffy paint filling and cotton ball whipped cream

Plus, it is just so exciting for children to mix up and paint with, so there’s that!

We’ve applied the homemade pie plate to show our pie in once again (a paper plate covered in foil), for the reason that it adds a good finishing touch to the craft, and tends to make the pie appear even extra realistic.

This is such an exciting and effortless craft for toddlers and preschoolers, so if you have left your Thanksgiving crafting to the final minute, do not be concerned, this craft will save the day.

Let’s get crafting!

Paper Pie Plate with Puffy Paint Filling and Cotton Ball Topping

glue, shaving cream, paint brush, paper plate paint, cotton ball, tin foil



Puffy Paint Pumpkin Pie

  1. Paint Pie Crust

    Paint the outer rim of the paper plate with the brown paint.

  2. Mix Puffy Paint Pie Filling

    Mix equal amounts of shaving cream and white glue in a modest bowl till combined and fluffy. Add a generous squirt of the rust coloured paint and stir in effectively with a paint brush.

  3. Paint Pie Filling

    Paint the center of the pumpkin pie with the puffy paint and enable to dry. Note: based on how thick your paint is, it could take some time to dry. We let ours sit overnight to dry.

  4. Cut into Slices

    Cut your pie into six equal slices. Young kids could need to have to mark the lines to stick to with their scissors.

  5. Add Cotton Ball Whipped Cream

    Tear a cotton ball in half, and stretch and fluff it and glue it onto a piece of the pie. Repeat till all of your slices have a dollop of cotton ball whipped cream.

  6. Make Pie Plate

    If you will be displaying your pie in a pie plate cover a paper plate with a piece of aluminum foil and crimp the foil about the edges of the plate to hold it in location.

square image puffy paint pumpkin pie in foil plate

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