Painted Plastic Egg Christmas Ornaments

Painted Plastic Egg Christmas Ornaments –  JINZZY

A handful of years ago, my mom gave me a set of gorgeous European Easter eggs to hang on my Christmas tree (see image under). She’d bought them though on vacation, and believed they’d make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.

Eastern European Painted Eggs with Glitter and Ribbons

They’re lovely, and I adore them, and I’ve generally believed it would be enjoyable to replicate them as a Christmas craft with my daycare hooligans.

Last year, we experimented at Easter, and created these painted Easter eggs utilizing dollar retailer plastic eggs. Because the method for painting them worked so lovely, final week, we lastly created our personal ornately decorated Christmas eggs with glitter and ribbons and all.

6 decorative eggs painted by kids for Tree ornaments

Glitter is optional

This method is super-uncomplicated, and seriously enjoyable as it makes it possible for you to get as inventive as you like with your colours and styles. And of course, if you are not a fan of glitter, you do not have to use it. Our un-glittered eggs appear lovely just as they are.

Primer, acrylic paint and craft varnish

Priming your eggs and utilizing acrylic craft paint and craft varnish is not optional, nevertheless. Well, not if you want your eggs to final, that is. Using Gesso (or a related surface prep) is a need to in order for your paint to adhere to the egg. A coat of craft varnish/sealer is also suggested to safeguard your paint from chipping or scratching. The varnish will also add a good sheen to your project and seriously make your colours pop also!

I hope you have as significantly enjoyable generating your painted egg ornaments as we did. I’d venture to say this may well just be the most lovely craft we make this Christmas season.

blue egg gold glitter gold ribbon

How to Transform Plastic Easter Eggs into Ornate Christmas Ornaments

plastic eggs, gesso, paint, glitter


  • Plastic Eggs
  • Gesso Primer
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Wooden Skewer (optional – tends to make painting less difficult)
  • White Glue (if utilizing glitter)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun


Painted Easter Egg Christmas Ornaments

  1. Prime Egg

    If you have a wooden skewer, push it into one particular of the holes in the bottom of the egg. This tends to make it uncomplicated to hold your paint though painting it.

    Brush a coat of Gesso all more than your egg and let dry.Kid priming plastic egg with Gesso

  2. Paint Egg

    Paint your egg with two coats of acrylic craft paint letting the paint dry in among coats. Allow to dry ahead of adding detail to egg.child painting plastic easter egg

  3. Add Detail

    With a fine liner brush, add the decorative specifics to your egg: swirls, stripes, dots and so on. TIP: The finish of the paintbrush manage is fantastic for generating dots with.

  4. Add Ribbons

    Tie a ribbon into a bow and glue to the bottom of the egg with a hot glue gun.

    Loop a piece of ribbon and glue to the best of the egg for hanging. hand holding plastic egg painted like European Easter Egg

Hang your ornaments on the Christmas tree or add them as present toppers on the gifts you are providing this Christmas.

4 painted eggs on Christmas tree

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