NIMH » Stress Catcher

NIMH » Stress Catcher

Life can get difficult often, and it is significant for little ones (and adults!) to create approaches for coping with tension or anxiousness. This tension catcher “fortune teller” presents some approaches youngsters can practice and use to aid handle tension and other tricky feelings.

photo of stress catcher folded and held in handsDownload the PDF of the tension catcher guidelines and template to build an exciting and interactive way for youngsters to practice coping approaches.

Create Your Stress Catcher

Download and print the PDF template, and then comply with these actions to build your personal individual tension catcher.

  • Step 1. Color the tension catcher (on web page 2), and reduce out the square.
  • Step 2. Place the tension catcher face down. Fold every corner to the opposite corner and then unfold to build two diagonal creases in the square.
  • Step 3. Fold every corner toward the center of the square so that the numbers and colors are facing you. Turn more than the square, and once again fold every corner into the center so that the colour names are visible.
  • Step 4. Fold the square in half so that the colour names are touching, and the numbers are on the outdoors. Now open it and fold it in half the other way.
  • Step 5. Insert your thumb and 1st finger of every hand (pinching motion) beneath the quantity flaps.
  • Step 6. Close the tension catcher so only the numbers show.

Use Your Stress Catcher

photo of stress catcher with one leaf unfolded to reveal text describing a stress coping technique

  • Pick a quantity, and open and close the tension catcher that quantity of occasions.
  • Next, choose a colour and spell out the colour name, opening and closing the tension catcher for every letter.
  • Then choose a colour that is visible and open that flap.
  • Read what it says, and practice the coping technique.
  • This game can be played with 1 or two players and is a way to practice coping approaches.

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