New to Yoga? This 6-Class Beginner Yoga Basics Program Is Just for You!

New to Yoga? This 6-Class Beginner Yoga Basics Program Is Just for You!

Beginner yogis, welcome! If you’re ready to learn the yoga basics, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re brand new to yoga and looking to build your practice before stepping into a studio (or an online yoga class) or simply curious about trying yoga after hearing about the incredible benefits that it can have on your physical wellbeing and mental health, this online yoga program covers all the yoga basics to get you started – and excited!

In these beginner yoga classes led by YA Classes teacher and international yoga teacher trainer Leah Sugerman, you’ll learn the fundamentals of yoga including: common yoga poses and transitions, how to stay safe with proper anatomical alignment, and more about yoga’s rich, fascinating history in six fun and informative classes.

Curious About the Origin and History of Yoga? Here’s the CliffNotes Version

This online yoga series is great for beginners, but also those looking to relearn the basics of yoga. So whether you’re a yoga teacher, a returning student or a current student going through yoga teacher training, this yoga basics program is a wonderful resource to continue revisiting.

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Ready to Dive Into the Yoga Basics for Beginners?

Below is an overview of each class in this online yoga program for beginners and what to expect. Each class is cumulative and builds onto the next, so we recommend watching them in linear order, but feel free to explore them at your own pace based on what you already might know.

With Leah Sugerman

6 Classes | Beginner

1. Introduction to Yoga

The Introduction to Yoga class identifies what yoga is and reveals the deeper meaning of the practice and how it goes beyond the mat and into your everyday life. You will explore the history of yoga, where it comes from, and tips for getting the most out of your yoga practice.

This class is purely informational and doesn’t involve a physical practice. So get comfortable, feel free to take notes, and press play on this informative beginner yoga basics introduction class.

2. Foundational Poses and Concepts

The Foundational Poses and Concepts class breaks down some of the common terminology used in most yoga classes, such as finding your drishti and how that can help benefit your yoga practice. This class also focuses on alignment to help you safely find each pose, and teaches beginner-friendly breathwork like Ujjayi Breath.

What Is a Drishti and How Can It Improve Your Balance In Yoga?

3. Foundational Poses Part One

In the first Foundational Poses class, you will learn Warrior I Pose, Warrior II Pose, and Warrior III Pose. You will also explore how you can add on or modify each pose, find stability and activate your core. All of these techniques can be applied to other yoga poses, and you’ll come away feeling confident and ready to practice the Warrior series and foundational yoga poses in general.

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4. Foundational Poses Part Two

In the second Foundational Poses class, you’ll learn about and practice more foundational poses including Low Lunge, Triangle Pose, Tree Pose, and more. You’ll also explore how yoga props can help support you in each pose, as well as different variations you can take.

5. Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations (or Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit), are a key part of the Vinyasa Yoga discipline, and you’ll practice them in almost every Vinyasa Yoga style class. In this Sun Salutations basics class, you’ll learn the Surya Namaskar A and B variations, which are the two most commonly taught.

Sun Salutations integrates your breath with each pose, helping you connect your body with the gentle movement. This is a great way to practice linking your breath with your motion, since this is another key aspect of the Vinyasa Yoga practice. And in any format of yoga that you do, staying connected to and present with your breath is key!

6. Practice a Full-Length Yoga Basics Class

In this final Full Length Class, you’ll combine all the concepts and poses you’ve learned thus far to experience a full yoga practice. Take it slow, stay connected to your breath, and notice how the poses feel in your body.

Enjoy exploring the yoga practice and whether this is your first time or you’re returning for a refresher, notice what feels good, and what you want to explore further!

Want to Learn a Specific Foundational Yoga Pose?

The 6-class Beginner Yoga Basics program is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of yoga. It’s your one-stop-shop to get introduced to the practice as a whole!

But if you want to learn how to practice a specific yoga pose, then the Learning Yoga program on YA Classes is where you need to go. Each short, interactive video will teach you a yoga pose in-depth.

You’ll learn the English and Sanskrit name, the main benefits of the pose and where you’ll commonly see it in yoga, safe alignment, how to access the pose step-by-step, common modifications and variations, contraindications, and more!

Learning Yoga

With Ashton August & Alec Vishal Rouben

31 Classes | Beginner

Each workshop-style video in the Learning Yoga program ranges from 2-6 minutes long, so they are short, approachable, and include the most important information of each pose. Explore over 30 of the most common foundational yoga poses so you can feel comfortable and confident in how to practice them safely and get the most benefit.

Start Your Yoga Journey With Beginner Yoga Basics and Learning Yoga!

The beauty of YA Classes is that there are classes to meet you at every step of your yoga (and meditation, fitness, and wellness!) journey. Every time you step on the mat and press play, you’ll be met by passionate, knowledgable and welcoming instructors that are all committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Welcome to our incredible online yoga community. We are excited to have you. 🙂

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