New Moon In Capricorn: Here’s What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

New Moon In Capricorn: Here’s What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

On January 13, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn, which signifies the commence of a new cycle.

With the sign of the goat, we’ll all be feeling extra ambitious and self-disciplined, eager and prepared to make our dreams a reality. Yes, now is the time for vision boards and brainstorming your most effective life.

This new moon sets the stage for a fresh commence.

Where do you see for your self in the next year? Five years? What do you hope to achieve? Capricorn will make sure you are in planning mode – making to-do lists, creating schedules and undertaking all the things you can to prepare for an amazing 2021.

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New Moon in Capricorn: It’s Time to Set Your Intention for the Year Ahead

Gone are the days of being swept up in a whirlwind of ideas – Capricorn is right here to bring us all back down to earth. Thanks to this new moon’s grounding energy, we’ll start to see our goals coming into focus.

Yes, it is a time of order and structure. A time of making concrete plans and following through with them. And this new moon sets the stage for a fresh start.

Capricorn is teaching us a pretty crucial lesson, which is how to set boundaries and how they can support us in the long run. By tapping into our self-disciplined side, we will be able to set goals and pave the path for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Since this new moon aligns with Pluto, the power will be that a lot extra intense, assisting us keep motivated along the way.

Read on to discover how this new moon in Capricorn will effect your distinct zodiac sign . . .

This Is How the New Moon Will Affect You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign:


Capricorn’s focused energy blends with your ambitious nature really nicely. As an Aries, you probably have a long list of points to achieve and Capricorn is right here to support you prioritize. Be patient with your self and know you will get it all accomplished. One step at a time.


Now is the excellent time to reset your work targets, and this new moon will wipe the slate clean. There’s no messing around. Capricorn signifies business. So Taurus, be positive to put in the hard work and it will ultimately pay off!


Harness Capricorn’s energy to launch that creative project you have been placing on the back burner. As an air sign, focusing isn’t always your strong suit. But thanks to the determination and resourcefulness of the Capricorn new moom, you have all the things you need to succeed in your corner, Gemini.


You’ve got like on the brain, Cancer and you are taking relationships extra seriously for the duration of this time. Whether you are single or committed, you are prepared to make moves. This could imply breaking points off with an individual who is not on the very same page or taking the next step and moving in with the individual you’ve been seeing.

Capricorn is right here to support you be more practical and less romantic in your decision-making, which is specifically what you need.


This new moon in Capricorn offers your power a major boost. As a fire sign, you have normally had the perseverance to reach your target and now with Capricorn’s influence, you are unstoppable, Leo!

Just recall that good things take time, so take this time to chart your course over the next couple of months and make any adjustments you need to your routine. The effort you put in the short-term will reap long-term benefits.


As a fellow earth sign, Virgos are pretty compatible with the focused power of this new moon in Capricorn. You love planning and feeling organized, and Capricorn will strengthen your abilities in this area.

Brace your self for some profession surprises in the upcoming months. You’re in the zone and the right people are definitely starting to notice!


With so quite a few concepts floating about in your thoughts, you will enjoy the mental clarity that Capricorn brings with this new moon. It’s like having your own mental housekeeper – clearing out the clutter to build space for anything much better.

If you have been feeling confused Libra, get excited since this new moon offers a clear path.


For you Scorpio, this new moon is super intense. You’ve been feeling emotional lately and procrastinating when it comes to arranging your future.

But it is time to place the past behind you and look ahead. This new moon will help you get mentally organized and outline what you need to do going forward.

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If you spent a little too much over the holidays, Capricorn is right here to support you get centered with your finances. Say goodbye to the “shop till you drop” mindset.

Your New Year motto can be to invest in the best, planning a budget and sticking to it. It’s time to devote wisely and think long-term. You’ve got this, Sagittarius!


Since this new moon is in your sign Capricorns, you’ll be right at home. It will literally feel like the stars are aligning in all areas of your life, so enjoy it!

Embrace the strong energy and focus you are feeling over the upcoming weeks. You’ve put in the effort and now you will see the positive results of all your hard work.


You like something that is revolutionary and new, so this fresh start is just what you needed. While you may be the expert multitasker Aquarius, this Capricorn new moon calls for a more single-minded strategy. But do not stress – this powerful lunation will give you the tools you need to succeed.


Your friend sector is in the spotlight Pisces, so take this time to honor the people who are closest to you. Everyone needs a strong support system to thrive, and now is the time to nurture your friendships.

Even if you can not physically meet up, schedule virtual chats and hold the connection alive. You all will benefit from staying connected, drawing like and strength from each other.

Use the New Moon In Capricorn’s Energy to Plan for A Bright Future

This year is just starting and you have the likelihood to embrace a positive and transformative 2021! Think about what you want to achieve and go for it. Capricorn is in your corner to ensure you bring your goals to fruition.

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