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A main colour wheel that very easily displays main, secondary, warm and cool colors will enable students understand the fundamentals of colour theory.

Primary Color Wheel

It’s under no circumstances as well early to get started adding some incredibly standard colour theory to art lessons for elementary students. Even kindergarteners can absorb the notion that blue, like the ocean, is a cool colour and red, like fire, is a warm colour. Those ideas not only apply actually to hot and cool locations they could possibly draw, but can also be applied to feelings as well.

Searching for visual aids to clarify these tips can lead to lot of complicated colour wheels that are identified all more than the online. Young artists do not want to understand about tertiary and analogous colors just however. Charts that incorporated that information and more make even my head hurt.

My option? I produced my personal colour wheel just to retain colour ideas incredibly standard. Just one particular uncomplicated-to-study graphic that shows the main and secondary colors, and exactly where the warm and cool colors are.

Need a speedy overview? Primary colors are colors that cannot be mixed from other colors. They are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are colors that outcome from mixing two primary colors. They are orange, purple and green.

Primary Color Wheel
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Primary Color Wheel
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