New Concept Hai | Cartoon Character For Birthday Party Hire | Agra

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“Give your child the superhero birthday they’ve always dreamed of! Our JINZZY live character service brings their favorite crime-fighting heroes to life, ready to entertain and inspire. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your child’s birthday truly legendary – reserve your spot today!”

India’s #1 Premium Live Character Experiential Company. Thrill, Entertainment, along with Encouragement & Motivation coming from their role model. Adding a pinch of joy for a healthy body and mind.

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In Fairies: JinzZy Elsa, JinzZy Anna, JinzZy Barbie, JinzZy Cinderella, JinzZy Mermaid, JinzZy Unicorn Princess, JinzZy Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, Wonder Woman, Jungle Fairy, etc.

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