Managing Your Child’s Pollen Allergy | MomDocs

Managing Your Child’s Pollen Allergy | MomDocs

It is officially allergy season, and we have been getting lots of questions about how to manage your child’s pollen allergy. If your child is sensitive to pollen, there are multiple ways to limit the impact.One of the first things to do is to keep an eye on the news and local weather for pollen counts. When pollen counts are high, try to plan a day of indoor activities instead. If your child needs to be outdoors on a day with a high pollen count, be sure to take additional measures to limit their allergies from flaring up.

Once your child is back indoors after being in contact with pollen, ensure that their hands and face are washed to avoid pollen getting rubbed into their eyes or nose. If possible, fresh clothing can also limit how much pollen your child is in contact with. Ideally, a shower followed by fresh clothing is best to get the pollen off of them entirely. Remember to ensure that your child washes their hair, where pollen can tend to cling and stick around.

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While it is tempting to leave your home’s doors and windows open this time of year, it’s best to keep them shut to avoid letting pollen in. This goes for when you’re in the car as well.

If your child is still struggling with a pollen allergy, there are a wide variety of medications you can try. As a reminder, it’s always a good idea to check in with your pediatrician and get their advice on what might work best for your child.

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