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Löwenzahn formula is a European option child formula developed by German parents. Using the most current nutritional science, selective organic components, and emphasizing the transparency of their production practices, Löwenzahn is a child formula worth taking into consideration for your youngster. In this truthful evaluation I clarify how this formula compares to other brands, the components, the pros, and the cons, so that you can make a decision if this is the most effective child formula for your youngster.

There is a wide variety of organic child formulas on the marketplace today. The selections and brands have expanded broadly due to the fact I initially began hunting for the most effective formula for my daughter years back.

Commercial formula comes in lots of types which includes soy formula, goat milk formula, hypoallergenic formulas, and more. When hunting for milk options, you want to be positive to give your youngster the most effective, as some infants have an allergic reaction to milk protein.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, possessing a cow’s milk protein allergy accounts for one particular fifth of all meals allergies. As your youngsters develop older there are lots of secure milk options if your youngster has lactose intolerance which includes soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, oat milk, almond milk, and more!

But the initially year of life for your youngster is such an critical time of development and improvement, that discovering the most effective formula for your youngster that meets all of their desires can be a challenge.

While the most effective selections for organic and conventional infant formulas has expanded, it can leave with you more concerns than answers as you make a decision which is the suitable one particular for your youngster.

A new option child formula has hit the marketplace! Löwenzahn Organics is getting positive critiques and feedback from parents about the planet. This German produced European child formula is worth a appear and your consideration as you make the decision for the most effective formula for your youngster. If you are asking yourself if Löwenzahn formula is worth the buzz, and meets the requirements of a healthful organic formula, this post is for you!

What Is Löwenzahn Organic Infant Formula?

Lowenzahn organics child formula was founded in 2017 by two German moms who wanted to make a healthful, sustainable, organic, option child formula. After researching formulas in the EU they felt they could not come across a formula that was each produced in an ecologically fair manner and met the most current scientific findings for composition and overall health for infants.

Working with nutritionists and scientists for more than two years, they came up with a formula that met their desires.

Löwenzahn organics formulas come in 3 unique stages (Pre, Stage 2, and Stage 3). Löwenzahn Organics Pre is for youngsters from birth to 6 months of age. Stage 2 is their next formula for ages 6-10 months, and Stage 3 is suitable from 10 months to one particular year of age and beyond.

Löwenzahn (bio pre anfangmilch) utilizes components, and scientific findings, to create an age suitable formula that meets the precise nutritional desires of your youngster for every single stage of improvement.

This European formula brand is organic and meets the EU organic certified recommendations. The EU has stricter recommendations when it comes to sourcing organic components than the United States. This signifies that all of the components are responsibly sourced, have no genetically modified components, and no pesticides of any sort.

They make each a cow’s milk primarily based formula, and a goat’s milk primarily based formula.

What Makes It Different From Other Brands?

Transparency of Production: If you want to know exactly where just about every ingredient comes from and is sourced, you are in luck! On every single package of formula is a code you can scan that will provide you with data about exactly where the raw supplies utilised for production are from so that you can trace the components.

Focus on Gut Health: A healthful gut is crucial to a sturdy immune technique and infant improvement, specifically in the initially 1,000 days of life. Their formulas are composed of higher-top quality raw supplies in an optimal composition to assistance infant gut overall health.

Added Prebiotics: Prebiotics are located in breastmilk, and so it was critical to the developers of Löwenzahn to have added prebiotics in their formula. Prebiotics nourish the excellent bacteria in the intestines which in turn supports a healthful immune technique.

Developed by Parents: Unlike some other brands, Löwenzahn was created by parents in accordance with nutritionists, and scientists to bring to you a top quality formula without the need of compromise.

What Alternative Milks Are Available For Baby Formula?

While there are lots of unique kinds of formula, there are restricted selections if you are hunting for cow’s milk option formula for your child. For vegan parents who are raising a vegan youngster, your most effective bet could possibly be a soy milk formula (even though that comes with other troubles as also a lot soy in infancy could be linked to adverse effects later in life).

If you are formula feeding, I do not suggest making use of homemade child formula, or making use of an option milk (like almond, coconut, oat, and so forth.) for your child. Both of these selections leave your child at threat of malnutrition / nutrient deficiencies. Homemade formula recipes leave also a lot space for person error, and plant primarily based milk options are not a excellent replacement for human breast milk or child formula as they have a entirely unique nutritional profile.

The safest and most effective decision for most babies are either cow milk or goat’s milk formulas – unless your child has a cow’s milk allergy, in which case going with a hypoallergenic formula or lactose-absolutely free formula is a excellent decision.

And of the cow’s milk formulas, Löwenzahn Formula is one particular of the most effective selections you can come across!

Where Can I Find And Buy Löwenzahn Formula?

There is only one particular reliable on the internet retailer who sells Löwenzahn Formula and that is Organic’s Best Shop! They are primarily based in Germany, and are passionate about creating the highest top quality organic child formula and child meals accessible internationally (to any household who desires it!) They also carry HiPP DutchHiPP GermanyHiPP UKHolleLebenswert, and Loulouka.

One issue that tends to make this firm distinctive is that they have absolutely free shipping internationally, and they will assure express delivery in between 1-4 small business days to the US. Additionally, just about every new consumer also receives two absolutely free boxes of formula! They have low costs, include things like absolutely free shipping insurance coverage for just about every order, and they assure availability of all formulas – so you under no circumstances have to be concerned about your favorites becoming out of stock! They are one particular of the most dependable on the internet retailers for European child formula that I’ve located!

photo of alternative baby formula in a bottle

What Ingredients Are Included Lowenzahn Formula?

There are 3 unique stages of formula, every single with a slightly unique key components. See under for the specifics about every single kind of formula. However, their formulas do have the following in widespread.

Prebiotics (GOS): Prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) is added to serve as meals for the excellent bacteria in the gut to boost digestion, and assistance a healthful immune technique.

DHA/ARA: DHA and ARA are extended-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids. They assist to contribute to healthful brain improvement, motor expertise, and eye overall health.

Lactose: The key supply of carbohydrates in all of the infant milk formula. It is straightforward to digest.

Essential Fatty Acids: Added sunflower oil and rapeseed oil are added to the formula since child cannon make their personal fatty acids: α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid.

What Ingredients Are Excluded?

No Fish Oil: Plant-primarily based oil from algae not only tastes superior, but is also superior for the atmosphere. Other European brands use fish oil to add DHA and ARA. For these that stick to a vegan diet regime or vegetarian life style this elimination can be pretty attractive. However, there is some controversy relating to M. Alpina Oil, which is the oil added from algae. In some situations hexane is used to extract these oils, and has been linked to diarrhea and other gastrointestinal troubles.

Non-GMO: Only higher top quality organic supplies are utilised.

No Pesticides: You can rest assured that there is no pesticide use in the components added to their formula which minimizes the threat of a disruption to the immune technique.

No Corn Syrup: Used in some formulas as a affordable type of carbohydrates, corn syrup is higher on the glycemic index. The EU limits the use of corn syrup in child formulas, and bans the use of corn syrup solids in organic formula.

No Soy: Soy isoflavones are frequently believed to negatively influence a baby’s sexual, immune, or brain improvement, and has been linked to a greater threat of endometriosis.

No Added Sugar: You will not come across any added sugar to enhance the carbohydrates of the formula. Instead, you will come across lactose which is conveniently digestible.

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Magnesium
  • Chloride Sodium
  • Chloride Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin A
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Manganese Sulfate
  • Microalgae Oil
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin K1

How Does Löwenzahn Formula Compare To Other Organic Formula Brands?


Holle is also an organic European child formula produced with sustainably sourced components. It’s absolutely free of added sugars, GMO components, starch, soy, and synthetic nutrients and preservatives. It does not have added pre/probiotics, or ARA. However, it does have DHA in the type of fish oil.

Löwenzahn also comes from sustainably sourced organic components, but it does have added prebiotics, as properly as DHA and ARA in the type of algae oil.


Lebenswert has the suitable whey-to-casein ratio. It’s absolutely free of added sugars, GMO components, starch, soy, and synthetic nutrients and preservatives. It consists of DHA in the type of fish oil, but it does not have ARA or pre/probiotics.

Löwenzahn on the other hand, has ARA, and prebiotics so you do not need to have to supplement your infant with something else.


It has higher top quality formula components which includes: a whey-to-casein ratio that mimics breast milk, utilizes vegetable oils for fat, consists of prebiotics and probiotics, and consists of DHA/ARA. It’s also absolutely free of GMO components, added sugars, starch, soy, and synthetic nutrients and preservatives.


Loulouka utilizes skimmed milk and consists of no soy or palm oil! It’s produced in Switzerland and is the most effective solution for parents who want a formula with DHA and prebiotics added (and are ok with supplementing with ARA/probiotics separately). Loulouka is also absolutely free of added sugars, GMO components, starch, and synthetic nutrients and preservatives.

Pros: What I Like About This Alternative Formula

  • A European organic child formula, meets strict European Union requirements
  • Contains vital nutrients
  • Transparent about the production procedure, traceable organic solutions
  • Made with organic skim milk as the principal carbohydrate
  • Ingredients are sustainably sourced.
  • Meets USDA, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and European nutrition requirements
  • No artificial components
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy Free
  • A wonderful option child formula if you are struggling to come across a excellent match for your youngster
  • Added omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) in the type of algae oil (mortierella alpina oil and c. cohnii oil). Their omega-3 supply is vegetarian, which is a plus!
  • Added omega-6 fatty acids (ARA)
  • Added prebiotics in the type of GOS
  • Gentle on baby’s tummy
  • Contains added calcium
  • Added folic acid

Cons: Other Things To Consider

  • Uses palm oil in their oil mixture, which can trigger some babies to inadequately absorb fat and calcium which outcomes in decrease bone density.
  • Maltodextrin is integrated in the formula for Stage 2 and Stage 3. It is utilised as a thickening agent. It is produced from corn, having said that it is higher in the glycemic index.
  • No probiotics integrated in their formula which also assists with balance of bacteria in the intestines.
  • Use of C. Cohnii Oil and M. Alpina Oil for added DHA and ARA. While these algae oils are vegetarian friendly, there is some controversy about the way they are extracted, and regardless of whether they enhance gastrointestinal troubles.
  • Added Starch: In the Stage 2 and Stage 3 formulas, there is added starch which is higher in the glycemic index. It is used to supplement lactose in Stage 2, but it is used to replace lactose in Stage 3.

What Are The Differences Between Stage Pre, 2, And 3 Löwenzahn Formula?

Löwenzahn Organics goes beyond EU, and US specifications to include things like Omega fatty acids, amino acids, inositol, choline, and prebiotics. Sourcing from farms in Europe with organic farming practices and organic agriculture guarantees the higher top quality of their organic infant formulas and toddler formulas.

Stage Pre Ingredients

Stage Pre is produced with only lactose as it is type of carbohydrates. It has more choline and inositol than the other two stages. In addition, the vitamins and minerals come from slightly unique sources. It has added prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and DHA and ARA. It is meant for infants from -6 months, is absolutely free of soy solutions, and the composition of the formula is produced for infants at this quite critical developmental stage.

Ingredients label for Löwenzahn formula stage pre

Stage 2 Ingredients

In Stage 2, some of the lactose has been removed and replaced with maltodextrin and starch. Stage 2 also removes choline and inositol. However, there are nevertheless vitamins and nutrients in Stage 2 that are in Stage Pre, and it incorporates prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and ARA.

Ingredients label for Löwenzahn formula stage 2

Stage 3 Ingredients

Stage 3 removes all of the lactose and replaces it with maltodextrin and starch as the type of carbohydrates. The mixture of milk and whey powder nevertheless provide lactose in the suggested ratio. The removal of lactose is as a result about 10% significantly less than Stage 2, and 20% significantly less than Stage Pre.

Ingredients label for alternative baby formula - Löwenzahn formula stage 3

Is Löwenzahn Formula Right For My Child?

If you are hunting for a top quality organic European child formula that delivers prebiotics, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as properly as DHA and ARA in plant type, this could be the formula for your youngster.

Their components are sustainably sources and entirely trackable by means of a code you can scan on your box that will inform you specifically exactly where every single ingredient is sources and the production procedure.

It meets the US, and EU requirements for nutritional content, and goes above and beyond US organic recommendations, guaranteeing that every single ingredient is pesticide absolutely free, and non-GMO.

If your youngster is beginning with Stage Pre, it has all of the nutritional content necessary, and none of the junk!

Stage 2 and Stage 3 shed some nutritional content. This is partly since they do not need to have as a lot as they get older, and start consuming strong foods. However, it could be a issues that each Stage 2 and Stage 2 eliminate lactose, and alternatively add maltodextrin and starch for its carbohydrate profile.

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