Kudos Diapers Review

Kudos Diapers Review

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In this Kudos Diapers Review I take an sincere appear at this eco friendly, organic disposable diaper brand – answering all of your inquiries, giving you with the pros and cons, and assisting you consider via no matter whether Kudos Diapers is proper for your infant!

For new parents about the planet, picking the proper diaper brand can be a difficult choice. With so a lot of businesses claiming to have the most effective disposable cotton diapers or the most effective eco diapers on the market place, it is challenging to know who to think or how to choose the proper diapers for their babies.

Sound familiar? As a diaper business veteran (with years of expertise in the busy parent division), I can relate. After testing diaper brands and comprehensive analysis, I have lastly located the holy grail. Now, let me to introduce you to my favored diaper brand of all time: Kudos Diapers

What Are Kudos Diapers?

If you are not currently conscious, the diaper startup Kudos Diapers have swiftly taken the disposable diaper planet by storm. They are the brainchild of CEO Amrita Saigal, an MIT alum who effectively designed the incredibly very first and only disposable diaper that enables your baby’s bum to touch only one hundred% soft, sustainable, sensitive-skin-loving cotton (rather of plastic).

Not only that, but Kudos Diapers are also created with 4x more plant-primarily based components than standard disposable diapers. Their patent-pending DoubleDry™ technologies (more on that later) boasts not one particular, but two absorption layers.

For these factors and a lot of more, Kudos Diapers had been awarded the 2021 Hygienix Innovation Award (aka the private hygiene industry’s leading award) and had been deemed the #1 safest diaper on the market place on Irinia Webb’s web-site, I Read Labels For You.

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What Are The Materials In Kudos Diapers? 

As parents, we all want to make certain that we’re feeding, bathing, and clothes our babies in practically nothing but the most effective that our cost point will let. When it comes to picking the proper diapers for your infant, it is critical to know which components are getting utilised. You can consider of the anatomy of a Kudos diaper like an onion with six distinct layers:

  • Top sheet. The outer layer of a Kudos diaper is a leading sheet (aka the component that touches your baby’s bum) and is created from one hundred% cotton. Many mainstream diaper brands make their leading sheets with a plastic layer that is engineered to really feel soft. However, simply because cotton is naturally soft, Kudos’ leading sheets are even softer and free of charge from damaging components and phthalates.
  • Acquisition/distribution layer (ADL). The second layer is the ADL, which is a amazing piece of revolutionary engineering that is terrific for moving moisture away from your baby’s sensitive skin and into the absorbent core of the diaper. While standard disposable diapers only have one particular layer of ADL protection, Kudos Diapers have two—both of which are created from plant-primarily based, sustainable components.
  • Absorbent core. Kudos’ core is created chlorine-free of charge from sustainably harvested trees and premium SAP (super absorbent polymer). Currently, there are not any bio-primarily based SAPS readily available proper now, but when there are, the Kudos enterprise has vowed to make the switch. I’ll update the post if and when this modifications.
  • Barrier film. The fourth layer of the Kudos diaper is a barrier film created from breathable polyethylene, which functions to retain moisture inside the diaper so it does not really feel wet to the touch.
  • Back sheet. This refers to the super-soft material on the outdoors of the diaper. Traditional disposable diapers use plastic-created back sheets that are engineered to really feel soft. However, the Kudos back sheet is created from sugar cane-derived polyethylene, which is each sustainable and softer.
  • Additional elements. The final element of the diaper consists of modest, more elements that are placed towards the outdoors of the diaper. While they are at the moment created of plastic, Kudos is working on plant-primarily based prototypes for such products.

Note: Diapers created from bamboo are trendy at the moment, which tends to make them a well-liked decision for environmentally conscious parents. However, simply because the procedure of transforming the wood-like structure of bamboo into anything soft is not so terrific for the atmosphere, Kudos does not use it. 

What Makes Kudos Different From Other Diaper Brands?

So, what tends to make Kudos Diapers distinct from other organic cotton diapers? Well, for starters, Kudos is the very first enterprise (and nevertheless the only enterprise) to make a disposable diaper with a leading sheet created from one hundred% cotton. Cotton is the #1 medical doctor advised material for stopping/managing diaper rash & eczema, so obtaining only cotton touch your baby’s skin is critical! As I described earlier, a lot of other huge brand diapers use unsustainable leading sheets that are created from plastic components (that have just been engineered to really feel soft).

Plastic is derived from fossil fuels, which means it potentially includes damaging VOCs and phthalates that are absorbed via the skin and identified to disrupt the endocrine method. These chemical substances and phthalates in diapers can lead to diaper rash and other challenges.

To stay away from this, Kudos Diapers use one hundred% cotton that is naturally soft (not just engineered to really feel like it is!), sustainable (aka carbon adverse), hypoallergenic, and is the #1 medical doctor-advised material for these suffering from rashes and eczema. Now that is what I contact sophisticated sustainability!

Pros: What I Like About Kudos Diapers!

If I’m getting sincere, there are a lot of factors to like Kudos Diapers! If my youngsters had been nevertheless in diapers, these would be the ones I’d be applying. Here’s why:

  • TruCotton. The Kudos Company Diapers are created with TruCotton, which is one hundred% organic cotton fiber that has been meticulously cleaned to unprecedented levels. (Never bleached. Never scoured.) It’s created with a breakthrough dry procedure that makes use of zero water, chemical substances, or procedure heat.
  • Ultra-Soft. They are the only disposable diaper exactly where the only issue touching your baby’s bottom is one hundred% breathable cotton. Cotton is one particular of the most naturally soft, sustainable components and is a softer material than what a lot of other brands use!
  • Hypoallergenic. This implies Kudos Diapers are created from renewable components and are free of charge from something that will irritate your baby’s skin like latex, fragrance, and the standard, harsh chemical substances in disposable diapers.
  • Absorbent. Did you know Kudos diaper’s cotton liners absorb 7x more excess moisture than other well-liked disposable diapers? (Because they do.)
  • Mother Earth. Kudos Diapers are created with 4x more plant-primarily based elements than other top disposable diapers. Not only that, but they are OEKO-TEX Standard one hundred verified to be free of charge of the leading one hundred most damaging chemical substances.
  • DoubleDry™ Tech. Kudos’ group of MIT and former Pampers engineers created their DoubleDry™ Technology with two moisture layers (rather of one particular like other brands), which protects your baby’s bottom from difficulties like diaper rash.

Cons: Other Things To Consider

While it is pretty clear that I am a huge fan of this brand, this is an sincere diaper overview so I’ve got to mention the prospective drawbacks. Here are some other issues to take into consideration when shopping for Kudos Diapers:

  • Tabs. The tabs on these diapers are a bit hard to peel back. (However, are hard-to-peel tabs a cause not to acquire terrific diapers? I’ll leave that up to you.)
  • Size. These diapers are extended, but they’re not incredibly wide. For this cause, they may not match chubbier babies as nicely as we would like for them to.
  • Price.  Kudos Diapers are on the pricier side, at $.36-$.52 per diaper based on how a lot of you acquire at a time.

Are Kudos Diapers Right For My Child?

When it comes to picking the “right” diaper for your infant or toddler, most parents will obtain they have to compromise. Cloth diapering does not match into a lot of parents’ busy schedules, and organic diapers boast “non-toxic” rewards, however they compromise in other locations (like leakiness!).

That getting stated, it is up to every single parent to determine for themselves no matter whether Kudos Diapers (like any diapers) are going to be the proper match for their family members. While I cannot make that choice for you, I can say that Kudos are the only disposable diapers to have earned the cotton natural™ seal from Cotton Inc. for enabling infant skin to touch one hundred% cotton all day, which was anything I personally valued for my small ones.

If you worth an environmentally friendly diaper that is nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and about as all-organic as a diaper can be, then Kudos could be a excellent match for your youngster!

baby with kudos diaper package

How Does The Kudos Subscription Work?

Are you interested in testing the Kudos waters? Wondering how the Kudos subscription functions? Don’t be concerned, it is basic. For just $78/month, you can have a month-to-month box (126 to 216 diapers) delivered proper to your doorstep. This can be terrific for busy parents because you under no circumstances have to consider about ordering that next box of diapers, and you will under no circumstances finish up in a circumstance when you do not have adequate diapers!

Note that the precise quantity of diapers you acquire depends on your baby’s development, as the more your infant grows, the fewer diapers they will need to have every single day. Ready to get began? Pay a visit to their website to make either a one particular-time obtain or sign up for their month-to-month subscription.

Kudos Diapers FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most often asked inquiries about these disposable infant diapers:

Are Kudos Diapers biodegradable or compostable?

As one particular of the top eco-friendly diaper brands, you’d consider that Kudos Diapers would be each biodegradable and compostable, proper? Spoiler alert: no disposable diaper — even the “natural ones” — is one hundred% compostable.

It is correct that Kudos Diapers are created from more plant-primarily based components than any other disposable diaper brand, but they nevertheless are not completely biodegradable. For that cause, you ought to toss them in the trash when you are completed with them. That getting stated, Kudos did say they are exploring partnerships with industrial businesses to break down the un-compostable components of their diaper. So, keep tuned!

How substantially do Kudos Diapers price?

The price of Kudos Diapers modifications based on which obtain solution you pick out and the diaper quantity you need to have. A month-to-month subscription fees $78/month, which equates to about $.36/diaper. A one particular-time obtain of a month-to-month box fees $88 or $.41/diaper. Alternatively, you can obtain a half-month box for $45 ($.42/diaper) or a sample provide for $14 ($.52/diaper).

What is DoubleDry™ tech?

I consider DoubleDry™ tech is one particular of Kudos Diapers’ coolest options. In a nutshell, it is their patent-pending absorbent technologies that boasts two absorption layers rather of only one particular (which is what most disposable diapers have). Its aim is to funnel moisture away from babies’ bums as swiftly as achievable, leaving them comfy, dry, and leak-free of charge.

Can I use Kudos Diapers overnight?

Yes! Natural cotton lets your baby’s bottom breathe, creating them best for 24/7 put on. And simply because the DoubleDry™ tech keeps moisture at bay, they are capable of lasting a complete 12 hours. It’s critical to note that some consumers reported that their small one particular wasn’t capable to get via the evening in their Kudos diaper, but I consider this is distinct for every single youngster.

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Final Thoughts

Contemplating investing in a box of Kudos Diapers? I hope this Kudos diapers overview helped you to make a more informed choice. While picking the proper diaper will differ from parent to parent, Kudos is a trustworthy disposable diaper brand that is verified to retain your baby’s bum dry, comfy, and free of charge from damaging chemical substances.

So, I encourage you to attempt them out and let me know what you consider! And of course, for more healthful infant suggestions, check out the other weblog posts in my Healthy Kids series!

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