Jungle Safari Party Activity: Necklaces & Keychains

Jungle Safari Party Activity: Necklaces & Keychains // Hostess with the Mostess®

Here’s a closer look at the Wild Animal Necklaces & Keychains activity from Macy’s Jungle Safari Birthday Party!

I always put a lot of thought into party activities like this because the materials can add up quick. 🤑 I wanted the kids to make something they could get use out of later that would also double as the party favor.

(P.S. Quick reminder that all of my customizable Jungle Safari printables are available in Design Hero!)

Necklaces + Keychains

This activity started out as necklace-making only, but I added rings at the last minute (which is why the sign only says necklaces!).

Macy likes beading activities and crafting, but never actually wears the necklaces she makes, so I was trying to figure out a solution for that. 🤔 She LOVES keychains and accessories that go on her backpack, so incorporating keychain rings ended up being the perfect addition! It also makes the activity more suitable for both boys and girls. 🥳

Jungle Safari Party Activity: Necklaces & Keychains // Hostess with the Mostess®

The Materials

Here what you’ll need for this project:

  • Small Toy Animal Figurines (available online & at Michaels)
  • Tiny Round Hooks (available at hardware stores – around this size)
  • Large Unfinished Craft Beads (purchased mine at Joann)
  • Variety of smaller beads – bright colored wood, natural wood, and tribal designs (purchased at Joann)
  • Paint Pens to decorate the wooden beads
  • Twine & jewelry cord*
  • Keychain rings

*I used what I already had on hand for the twine/cord (natural & faux suede), but you can find tons of this in a variety of colors at all major craft stores & online.

DIY Wild Animal Necklaces Kids Craft

Wild Animal Pendants

Aside from sorting and displaying your materials, the only major prep work you need to do for this activity is insert the round screws into the animals. We used a pointy craft tool I have (that’s very similar to a small ice pick) to start a small hole in each toy animal, then screwed the hooks in by hand. Done!

DIY Wild Animal Necklaces & Keychains

Organizers & Buckets

All of the jewelry organizers pictured here are from Ross. They were originally purchased from another party I did the year before. You can get such amazing deals on organizers, risers, stands, etc for your parties at home discount stores like Ross, HomeGoods, and Marshalls!

The little white buckets were purchased in packs of 5 at Michaels.

Jungle Safari Party Activity Sign

The editable Party Activity Sign (“make a necklace”) is available in Design Hero as part of my full Jungle Safari Party Collection.

DIY Wild Animal Necklaces & Keychains

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