Jules Von Hep: “It’s about being your own best friend”

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Jules Von Hep joins Happiful’s podcast to speak about letting go of your inner critic and the brilliant points that take place when you do…

Jules Von Hep has a lot going on as 2021 draws to a close. He’s not too long ago launched the excellent sustainable knitwear corporation Yan Tan, is gearing up to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his vegan and cruelty-totally free self-tan brand Isle of Paradise and he has the builders in renovating his property…

You wouldn’t detect even a minuscule sense of strain from Jules as he joins Happiful’s podcast from his automobile to steer clear of the noise from the ongoing constructing functions. “I’m sitting here wearing my slippers and coat with a cup of herbal tea and it looks like I’m talking to the steering wheel – but c’est la vie!” he laughs.

Read the complete interview with Jules, like how Yan Tan started, in the January edition of Happiful.

His joyful, truthful and genuine demeanour will be no surprise to the several who stick to Jules on Instagram, and it is just 1 of the several factors everybody at Happiful loves him so a great deal.

Talking self-assurance

“To be honest, I’m one of those people who didn’t really find my way until the last four years,” Jules shares on the topic of self-assurance. “I’ve really found my feet and grown into my own skin. Navigating your teenage years and twenties – I think they’re a hard time for everyone – but I found them really, really difficult.”

The work he’s place into befriending himself, he notes, has paid dividends. “Finding my self-identity and finding who I am has helped me navigate my career with confidence. I think that I’ve been able to use more of an optimistic attitude in my work life, but then that also reflects onto my personal life.”

Advocating empowerment more than airbrushing

Jules explains that when his profession as a spray tanner started, he was coming out of a period of living with body dysmorphia and disordered consuming. “At the time, I hated how I looked but my job really changed my perspective on everything.”

Jules began to notice that not all the things was how it appeared from the outdoors and he didn’t adore what he saw. “In the beauty industry, there’s this huge deception around airbrushing. I’d be on a shoot and I’d look at the monitor and the images would come up, and the model would look great. Six months later, I’d see the campaign go by me on a bus or in a magazine and I’d think ‘She didn’t look like that on the day! They’ve airbrushed her stomach, they’ve lifted her ass, they’ve taken away her wrinkles… What the hell?!’”

So, when he launched Isle of Paradise, Jules wanted to assure that his brand and all the things related with it was about empowering people today to really feel their greatest. “I wanted it to be what beauty is to me. I wanted people to feel empowered rather than having their insecurities played upon. If you really stare at the beauty industry with a critical eye, you see that it’s heavily marketed on insecurities.”

Ultimately, I have the greatest job in the planet mainly because I get to make people today really feel more confident. That’s such a vibe!!

His passion for his work remains as strong as ever and he genuinely loves what he does and the influence it can have. “I know that fake tan isn’t going to change the world, let’s get real,” he says. “But it might change the world you’re in if you feel more confident. “Ultimately,” he beams “I have the best job in the world because I get to make people feel more confident. That’s such a vibe!!”

Be sort to your self

“The conversation you have with yourself is the longest conversation you’ll have with anyone,” Jules says referring to the part of our inner critic. “I’m guilty of negative self-talk too, looking in a shop mirror and saying ‘Do I really look like that?’ That’s just not helpful or positive.”

Around 4 years ago, Jules began to query why he spoke to himself and started to redress that damaging voice, 1 conversation at a time, by speaking to himself as he would to other folks. “It’s just about being your own best friend,” he says, smiling.

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