Juice for Kids: Is It Healthy & Which Ones to Choose?

Juice for Kids: Is It Healthy & Which Ones to Choose?

Here are important issues to know about juice for children, and how to select a single that will aid your children meet their demands whilst decreasing sugar intake.

Let’s not get it twisted juice and fruit are not the very same. While juice has its spot in your child’s life style, it is no replacement for the actual deal. So, get the truth about juice by making use of the suggestions and ideas under.

Juice vs. Fruit for Kids

Unlike juice, fruit is abundant in fiber—a nutrient that assists enhance feelings of fullness whilst contributing to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and immune wellness. It also assists hold children normal, in the end taking the strain out of the bathroom game.

But however, juice generally omits the fruit’s external skin or seeds—home to a lot-required fiber and phytonutrients. Remember, phytonutrients include strong antioxidants distinctive to plant-primarily based foods and aid enhance all round wellness and avert illness.

So, whilst you do not want to totally reduce all juice from your kiddo’s life style, it ought to get balanced with complete meals selections.

When Can a Baby Have Juice?

While juice could really feel like a a single-stops shop for nutrient-packed hydration, its encouraged intake is dependent on your child’s age. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ juice recommendation is that infants beneath six months of age ought to stick to human milk or infant formula, maintaining juice for the older young children.

So, as a basic rule of thumb, juice ought to be avoided till a single year of age (unless clinically indicated).

  • Specifically, providing juice just before strong foods can displace their intake of human milk, placing them at threat of lowered intakes of protein, fat, vitamins, iron, calcium, and zinc.
  • Once introduced, fruit juice could be utilised as component of a meal or snack to aid attain your kids’ nutritional (and tastebud) demands.
  • Aim to select fruit more than one hundred% juice anytime probable.
  • When provided, juice ought to not be sipped all through the day given that it can wreak havoc on dental wellness and could contribute to unneeded weight acquire
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When Can Kids Have Juice?

So, the large query is, “how much is too much?” Use the recommendations under to aid navigate your child’s juice drinking habits to maximize their development and improvement. Remember to double-verify comfort products given that portions are generally a lot bigger than the encouraged intake.

  • Children 1-3 years old: 4 oz/day, representing half the encouraged each day serving of fruit.
  • Children 4-6 years old: 4-6 oz/day
  • Children 7-18 years old: 8 oz/day

What to Look for When Selecting a Juice Option

The grocery shop aisles are finding more saturated with seemingly endless selections, generating the juice choice course of action appear endless. But, rather of falling victim to advertising and marketing ploys or attractive claims, check out these 3 ideas on how to make the proper juice choice for your family members.

1. Juice Fortification

If your kid does not drink milk or milk substitutes, opt for fortified juice selections (they add in the micronutrients). Some brands could fortify their juices with calcium, omega-3, or vitamin D—providing a sensible way to attain your family’s nutritional demands.

2. one hundred% Fruit Juice

While it could really feel like semantics, fruit juice and drinks are distinctive. The latter could be heavily diluted with higher-fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners, generating it an unhealthy solution. On the other hand,one hundred% juice gets created strictly from the fruit itself and consists of no added sugars.

3. Portion sizes

When hunting for an on-the-go solution for your kiddo, select juice boxes or pouches that are an suitable portion size for your child’s age. Typical “kid-friendly” selections variety from 4 to 7 oz, based on the brand. Is your child’s juice box offering more than the encouraged quantity?

Healthy Drinks and Juice for Kids

Changing habits is difficult at any age! But you do not have to totally reduce off your child’s juice provide to contribute to far better wellness. Remember, all the things in moderation!

So, skip the meal or snack time juice drama and check out these tension-absolutely free techniques to partially substitute your child’s juice intake.


Juice it oneself. Have your young children guess how several oranges, lemons, or apples it will take to make 4 oz. of juice. Then wash the fruit, let them aid juice, get rid of any seeds, and measure.

Juicing it oneself requires work and will reduce overconsumption. Plus, you can go over the variations in taste from fresh to pre-purchased.  


If your kid feels much less than happy with the encouraged serving size of juice, merely dilute their go-to solution with water. Don’t be concerned it will nevertheless taste sweet and satisfying for your most important squeeze! Talk about an effortless way for every person to win. This can also encourage sufficient hydration on these additional hot days.

Water infusions

Is plain ol’ water merely not cutting it for your kiddo? Try infusing it with distinctive fruits or vegetables to add a pop of flavor with out the undesirable sugars.

Experiment with frozen berries, fresh cucumber, or mint to produce a flavor sensation that satisfies the tastebuds. Feel absolutely free to get your kid involved in the preparation course of action for a entertaining however healthier activity to do as a family members.


Kid Friendly Green Smoothies with the Super Crew — Health, Kids

Unlike juice, smoothies include an abundance of fiber from making use of the complete fruit—providing a nutrient-dense solution that assists raise feelings of fullness. Not to mention, smoothies are an effortless way to contain an array of colour-filled components, which includes vegetables!

Find your child’s favored fruit or vegetable mixture and merely give it a blend with low-fat milk or unsweetened plant-primarily based milk for slurp-worthy nutrition that your kid will adore!

Next time you are at the shop picking out juice for children, try to remember these important ideas and techniques to make healthier drinks for children.

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