It’s Time For Science Podcast: Teaching Inspirations and Exploring the Galaxy

It’s Time For Science Podcast: Teaching Inspirations and Exploring the Galaxy

For this episode of It’s Time For Science, we’re going to space! Host Tom Racine talks with renowned astrophysicist Dr. Erika Hamden and science teacher Dave Curry.

Dave Curry is an experienced middle school science teacher and the 2023 recipient of the Paul DeHart Hurd Award, presented by the National Middle Level Science Teachers Association (NMLSTA), an affiliate of NSTA.

Mr. Curry talks to us about some of his early influences, working on an NSF-funded project to bring art into science instruction, interdisciplinary teaming at school sites, how to help teacher burnout, and how he works to keep his students engaged, including connecting local observations to concepts they’re learning in the classroom.

Dr. Erika Hamden is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Arizona. She develops UV detector technology, builds telescopes for NASA, and observes galaxies and hydrogen all over the universe. Her last project was a UV telescope that flew on a high-altitude balloon, and she is currently leading a team designing a UV space telescope.

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We talk with Dr. Hamden about teachers that influenced her interest in science, the importance of failure in science, some of her ongoing projects, working at earning her pilot’s license, and more!

Producer David Lippman also reviews The Crew from Kosmos Games.

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