It’s Time for Science Podcast: Back to School With Science

It’s Time for Science Podcast: Back to School With Science

For this episode of It’s Time For Science, we’re talking about going back to school (yes, already!).

Host Tom Racine talks with education leader Rosanna Ayers and also facilitates a round table discussion with instructional coach Lauren Brown and curriculum developer Brian Campbell.

Rosanna Ayers is the former director of youth education at the Biomimicry Institute and has been a county office science coordinator with 20+ years of classroom experience.

Ms. Ayers has written an article about getting started with science on day 1: Getting Ready for a New School Year with Science: Tips for Teachers. She shares some tips to easily get started with highly engaging science activities and discusses why starting with science is a great and effective way to start the year.

Lauren Brown is an instructional coach with Oakland Unified School District with 11 years of experience in education, including 8 years as a science teacher, winning the 2018 Grand Prize NSTA Shell Science Lab Challenge. Brian Campbell has been a curriculum developer with FOSS for the past 18 years, was a classroom teacher for 7+ years, and is the co-author of Science Notebooks: Writing About Inquiry.

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Tom talks with Ms. Brown and Mr. Campbell about also starting the year with science, establishing a safe classroom culture, some specific activities they recommend for starting with, and how to keep your science instruction going effectively throughout the year.

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