I’m Not Perfect That’s OK

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My former psychiatrist and therapist Dr. Lev and I spent a lot of time discussing how my considering and behaviors exemplified a black-and-white or all-or-nothing at all stance. I had a complicated time getting anyplace in the gray location. The believed of getting mediocre was unfathomable to me.

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After my parents divorced in 1982, my mother returned to college and updated her know-how of personal computer science. She discovered the then-present languages like FoxPro and Dbase. She obtained her initial job writing software program at a analysis corporation on Long Island. After six months, she got her initial assessment. When she didn’t get “excellent” across the board, she quit and began her personal custom software program firm that was exceptionally productive.

Anorexics are normally perfectionists. We can not tolerate getting something significantly less than the best. In recovery from anorexia, it is been complicated for me to tolerate my body, which I see as imperfect. Since my stroke in mid-2018, I attempt to come from a stance of body neutrality, rather than one particular of body positivity or loving my body. Body neutrality permits me to appreciate my body for what it is capable of performing, rather of focusing on its look. Since obtaining the stroke and obtaining to fundamentally relearn to stroll, I’m a great deal more appreciative and conscious of the miracle of the seemingly straightforward capabilities of the human body (and thoughts) and significantly less probably to take them for granted.

As a writer, the deadline normally comes prior to I’m prepared to relinquish my submission. When is my essay great adequate? Never. I make revision right after revision till I can not stand to appear at it one particular more time. I cringe and hit the “submit” button, as the deadline is closing in.

I came across this poem that resonated with me. I felt like sharing it.

Love for Imperfect Things

By Haemin Sunim

It’s okay that you have flaws.
How could our lives be as clean and white as a swan?
Life naturally requires a toll
on our bodies, our minds, and our relationships.
Rather than deciding on a life in which you do nothing at all
for worry of creating a error,
decide on a life that improves by way of failure and discomfort.
And shout out loud to your struggling self,
“I love you so much.”

I hope you enjoyed this poem as a great deal as I did.

Thanks for reading.


© Andrea Rosenhaft

Source: © Andrea Rosenhaft

From Enjoy FOR IMPERFECT Points by Haemin Sunim, published by Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC. Copyright © 2016 by Haemin Sunim. English translation copyright © 2018 by Deborah Smith and Haemin Sunim.

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